Healthy Choices For The Holidays

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Health Featured

Hurray, it’s the holidays, one of the happiest times of the year. Who doesn’t love indulging in candy canes and Christmas baking? Well remember, everything is about balance. It’s okay to eat some sweets every now and again (especially during the holidays) but balance it off with healthy meals the other days! One way to keep up your muscle mass during the holidays is by drinking a protein shake made with muscle building ingredients and milk. You can read a review here of the muscle milk we recommend and the review will give you a run down of what to expect from the ready-to-drink shake. It’s important to not throw your entire routine out the window during the holiday season, because it will catch up with you and it will take that might longer to get back on track. You can take a few extra turns here and there but keep on the same track, as you are use too!

When taking your protein, it’s crucial to mix in enough vegetables with each of your meals, and what better way to get festive during the holidays then with seasonal veggies. If you are attending a Christmas party of a family gathering- why not bring a healthy dish like a fresh strawberry-spinach salad or baked veggies? Make sure to eat a small bite before you go to dinner, so you are not over eating when you get there- and another tip is to stand an arm length away from munchies so you are not tempting yourself with the bowl in reach. When you feel like you are satisfied after your meal, popping a mint in your mouth is a good way to help finish your meal and aid in good digestion. It also prevents you from eating endlessly!

One way to keep your mind clear about eating sweets for the holidays is to do something active before you head out for dinner. This will help speed up your metabolism and work off the sweets and holiday food faster! Use a smaller plate. If you use a large plate, most people will fill their plate till it’s full. By using a smaller plate this only allows so much food on your plate. Remember it takes your mind 15 minutes to catch up with your stomach- therefore it will take you more time to realize you are full. If you are looking forward to having some holiday drinks, choose the healthier options. Opt for clear liquor drinks that have less sugar in them. Always keep a tab on how much you have been eating and drinking throughout the day so you have a rough idea on how much you have consumed. Remember to let yourself life a little. It is the holidays and you deserve to indulge this time of year! Do it smart and you won’t be too off track when you get back to reality from the holidays and remember to take your muscle shake regularly to maintain that healthy lifestyle! Happy Holidays!

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