How one can protect Himself and Business from Phone Scams?

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Health Featured

You were sleeping in the night and you get the continuous missed calls from unknown number. But don’t get worried. Researchers and application developers give the solution to the people for protecting himself and business from phone scams or scammers. By using the higher technology they develop the call screening applications like the true caller, check up caller and many more.

Nowadays the scammers are continuously increasing in the world. Mostly they used to know the people personal details, money and bank account details. Any age group can become the victim of the phone scams. Moreover, the scammers can also create the disturbance and outrage to the business

Therefore let us discuss some useful tips that you need to know so that you can protect yourself and the business-

Installation of Applications

The application check up caller should be installed on the mobile phones. With the help of checkup caller, one can easily get the all required information like name, zip code, location, email id of the incoming unknown number.

Regarding personal details

All the personal details of the person and business should be kept secure under the special lock so that no one can open your personal lock. Moreover, the bills and all other necessary documents should be fragment properly before throwing out in the dustbin. In addition to that, only required information should be shared on the social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on.

Try to not upload too many photos and videos on the social media sites publicly so that scammers cannot use your image for creating the duplicate identity and used as a scam for you.

Privacy of passwords

The passwords created for the social sites, wifi and online internet banking should be used unique and strong so that no one can guess it. Passwords created by using the numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters are considered to be the strong password.

Make your Business Secured With Smart Technology:

Business is the far-most concern of a person’s life. Keep these tips handy so that your business can always remain safe and secured:

  • The passwords should be regularly update and the public wi-fi, hotspots or computers must not be used for online internet banking or while sharing personal information through email.
  • Whether you are dealing with your business with someone online or are doubtful of legitimacy, then you must inquire more about that person before the business dealing. You may use the Google image search on pictures unless the people who already have deals with them.
  • Avoid opening the pop-up windows, unusual text or unnecessary links or attachments mentioned in the emails. In case you are unsure, then you must check the status of a contact by using an individualistic authorization like online search or phonebook. Neglect the information of contact details sent by the person in the mail.
  • You must careful while online shopping. Once you pay the bill through online payment method, then it is not refundable.
  • The messages should be ignored from the numbers that are not properly ten digit mobile numbers.

Finally, we believe in case you follow the above mention tips and be attentive, no one in the world can ever dupe you.

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