How to work with Outlook PST files effortlessly?

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Technology Featured

It’s a fact that the communication within the co-operate life is using Microsoft Outlook.  Whether you love it or hate it, Outlook is widely used email client in this co-operate world. Outlook can be used very efficiently to communicate and plan. It is not just about sending mails, it is also about scheduling, saving data etc. Here we are going to discuss how can we use this Outlook in a better way.

Outlook saves all the mails, profiles etc. in PST file. What happens if the PST file gets corrupted? For sure it is going to be a nightmare. To avoid that, it is advised to take regular backups of your PST file. But when you manually backup using Outlook, attributes are not backed up. Software are available that makes your work easier. Rather than you taking backup manually on a regular basis, it will be great if a software takes automatic PST file backup for you along with the attributes.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is an amazing software that helps you to work with PST files effortlessly. How to backup Outlook pst file using this software is as follows:

  • Download and install the software
  • Click on Backup option.
  • Choose Smart Backup for complete PSTfile backup or Advanced Backup for specific attribute backup.
  • Click on Backup summary and hit the Finish button.

This feature of the software saves your time as you no longer have to backup PST file manually and also when you schedule a time, it automatically takes backup or a regular basis. Even if your PST file gets corrupted, you can roll back to the backed up PST file. The Restore option in this software helps you to roll back to the backup PST file if the PST files get corrupted or damaged.

The unique feature of the software is it also enables the user to transfer Outlook to a new computer. If you are moving one company to another or a different department, you may not have enough patience to set up everything again in your new computer. So the best thing to do is take back up of the PST file from the existing computer and install the software again in the new computer. Once done follow the steps below:

  • Copy the. obm file (the backup file) to the new computer. For the same Outlook and Windows version, you just need to click on the Restore button. If the versions are different, click on Migrate button.
  • Browse the backup file that you want to Restore and click on Next. Once done click on the Finish button.

Outlook Import and Export option is also available in Outlook. to Here you have manually select the path and export, but most of the attribute and settings does not get migrated. That’s when this software comes handy. To save space you can also compress the backup file using this software. Make use of this software and work effortlessly.





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