Is It Possible to Create a Website for a Restaurant from Scratch?

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Travel Featured

In the modern world, any self-respecting company own a website. It can be a full-fledged online store or a simple one-page site. Today this is not a way to stand out, but a mere necessity.

A good site constructor for any business is easy to find, but it’s more difficult to choose a good profile site builder, designed specifically for creating sites for restaurants and cafes. A restaurant website builder, such as, can solve this issue by providing a platform for anyone willing to create such a website. We will take a closer look at what is needed to create such an Internet project from scratch and how the site builders work.

Website Builder Is an Affordable Tool

At a first glance, the process of creating a website from scratch does not cause any difficulties. But there are two factors: technical moments and the price of the final product. A website builder can solve these problems, but what is it exactly? It is a platform that allows you to create a website using simple templates. Such platforms have a number of advantages:

  • Free usage. Virtually everyone can create an Internet resource from scratch for free. Such constructor provides the basic tools, and with their help you can create the resource that you want. It also provides free hosting and a third-level domain.
  • No need for specific knowledge. These services are intuitively understandable and are developed for people who might not have encountered such a thing before. You can completely create a finished product without having a clue about programming languages, layout, and web design.
  • Creation speed. Create a full-fledged restaurant site from scratch for free in just a few hours. And if you used to work with similar resources, then the fully prepared project will be ready within one hour.
  • Possibility to purchase additional services at a discount. Some sites offer even main services at more engaging prices than competitors.

Some Disadvantages of Free Accounts

Such a powerful tool allows you to create a website from scratch for free, but it has a number of shortcomings that you should know about before you start:

  • Limited functionality. It is one of the main disadvantages. The principle of constructing a resource from ready-made templates introduces some limitations. You can meet several identical projects, which differ only in name. If you need something special and exclusive, choose the constructor with an option to apply your own headings, logos, etc.
  • Limited free versions. Everyone wants to earn money, and the sites that provide such services are no exception. Providing various paid versions is the main way to monetize such projects. And to stimulate the transition to a paid base, the opportunities are often cut off for free of charge accounts.

Thus, it is possible to create a website from scratch free of charge, but with greater probability, it will have some limitations. As for the paid version – you can be sure that you will get full functionality for your project. We also recommend using a specific restaurant website builder for business in this field.

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