Best NYC Indoor Activities to Keep You Busy in Winter

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Entertainment Feature

Cooped up in a hotel room is no way to spend your trip to New York City in the winter. It’s hard to put on all the winter gear, and step out into the cold to hit up one of the millions of daily activities happening in the Big Apple, but here’s a list that can help. You have the option of staying indoors all day, or you could seek refuge at one of these indoor offerings that the city can present you with.

A Movie, Dinner and Drink at The Syndicated

One great way of dodging the cold weather outside is by going for a movie, but once the closing credits stop rolling, you have to get back to the cold. Fortunately, there is the Syndicated. The Bushwick-style cinema offers you your three favorite things at once; a movie, a great bar with fancy cocktails and dinner!

At this establishment, you dine and eat as you watch a movie, with tickets for the classics costing as low as $4. The best thing at this cinema place is that you can get drunk, have dinner, watch a movie, and then repeat the entire process without spending too much money; however, don’t over-indulge if you want to enjoy the outdoors the next day via services like Liberty Cruise, departing from Pier 36!

Tennis at Prospect Park

Tennis is one of those summer-centered sports, especially when you consider the attire you need to wear. However, the Tennis Center at Prospect Park is successfully offering everyone a chance to enjoy the sport in a winter-proof premises where you can work off your Seasonal Affective Disorders (SADs). Indoor season at the Tennis Center ends around May 7th and doors open daily from 7 in the morning to 11 in the evening.

Cooking Classes

Few things can keep you going during the winter months of February and March, like plentiful supplies of booze, pizza, and spaghetti at just about every corner you turn. Unfortunately, eating out daily can be expensive and can have an impact on your body. On the other hand, if you’re in New York City in winter, you can take the time to learn a few skills in making some healthy dishes and drinks.

If you love your booze, Astor Center is the perfect destination for learning a few mean skills on how to create the perfect tiki cocktail or Scotch whisky. The Brooklyn Kitchen is more food-centric as it teaches you how to make everything from homemade pizza and Chinese dumplings to awesome BBQ ribs.

Laser Tag

A while back, laser tag was on everybody’s birthday party wish list, back in the day when Sketcher shoes were the in thing. Fortunately, you can relive this pre-teen magical sport at the Indoor Extreme Sports center; however, this activity has an extreme twist. For laser tag enthusiasts, Black OPS Laser tag drops you in the middle of a U.S. Military training realistic situation!

In 90 minutes, you get to explore the 8,000 square-foot facility with scenarios that take you through offices, tunnels, and supermarkets. You have the option of reserving for a 6 to 8-party or the zombie-fied OPS experience for a larger party.

Escape the Room

This entire list is all about escaping your hotel room, but an interactive game takes this quite literally. You have 60 minutes to solve puzzles and riddles in an effort to escape from a themed, locked room; be forewarned that the games at Escape The Room are tough and few people have managed to get out within the time given. All the same, this fun adventure keeps you entertained as you thaw!

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