Black Panther: Smashing records and stereotypes.

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Entertainment Feature

Art is imitation of life and the changes in society are reflected in literature, music and movies of that time. For a long time there was a strong belief in Hollywood that movies featuring actors of color are not a good investment as they do not appeal to worldwide audience. But over the last few years movies such as Hidden figures, Girls trip, Coco and Get out have proven that belief to be baseless as all of these movies have not only enjoyed critical but commercial success.

The marvelous success of Black Panther is a huge step towards shattering the Hollywood myths. The success of this movie has been extraordinary. It managed to take $235 million in North America over the Presidents Day weekend smashing several records.

The success of the Black Panther is not just because it is beautifully made movie telling an amazing story but because it also a cultural sensation. It is not just a superhero movie starring black as it showcases the world as it has never been depicted before. First time in the history of cinema the audience gets to see the triumphant vision of an African homeland. It shows the glorious past of an African homeland and its role in shaping the future of the civilization.

The plot of the movie is extremely fine and well thread. You won’t find any plot holes. It is gripping and it keeps people at the edge of their seats. Ryan Coogler, the director, has his own vision of Wakanda that varies from that of the comic books. In his vision is an African Kingdom that has escaped colonization and uses an alien metal, its main resource to create a society that hides itself through deception and isolationism.

The beauty of the film is not just in its plot but in a way that it speaks to the black audience by using narrative flair along with visual and musical feel. Coogler has managed to create the perfect Afrofuturistic dreamscape. It is a perfect answer to all the times where Hollywood presented a future where people of color had no representation as if they never existed and suffered through enslavement and years of oppression. The film manages to successfully assert black power both on and off screen. Apart from a strong black male lead the movie also gives strong female warriors of Dora Milaje. Their role in social order and technological advances is showcased gloriously in the film. The film gives a just and well-deserved portrayal to the strong black women.

Cinema holds great power as it allows people to showcase their ideas and stories to the world. The success of Black Panther has opened a world of opportunity for multicultural people. It shows that the world wants more diversity in the cinema and they are interested in the stories that different cultures have to tell.

Black Panther is not just a blockbuster but a milestone in cinema and it’s going to bring a lot of change as Diego Luna rightfully said, “Cinema is a mirror that can change the world.”

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