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by | Feb 26, 2018 | Jobs Featured

In a world that has been advancing nonstop, Blockchain has definitely started to gain its part within the advanced development going on 24/7. Many companies especially in US and UK have realized the significance of blockchain so they make sure to adapt, adopt or find place for blockchain inside their structure. Yes, blockchain has now been that significant that no one wants to be left. This is proven by the great growth of Blockchain jobs volume over the years especially in this year of 2018. According to some sources working in the Blockchain industry, more and more people are now desperately trying to get into this industry because it promises them the future of modern industry.

Blockchain Job Market

Today, there are more than 1500 blockchain startups that the world has recognized with the number predicted to be keep on growing over the years ahead. Many positions are available in blockchain industry including software engineer, CEO, founder, chief technology officer and co-founder. These high positions are open to those with suitable skill and experiences. With more job openings, there will be more blockchain startups to developed and competed in this modern industry.

Apparently, the job market for blockchain also comes with big companies that hire the talent for in house setup to handle the companies’ blockchain projects. There are at least two largest sectors that post the jobs in blockchain industry, the financial service industry and technology software industry. As the Blockchain spreads it impact in every industry, there has been already a prediction about the every interface, application and online provision in the future will work on blockchain.

Current Job Openings in Blockchain

Today, some big companies and financial industries in the US have been offering available positions for anyone qualified to work in blockchain. The Bank of America for instance is now offering position for merchant engagement leads to be positioned in headquarters. The applicant must be qualified and has skills in blockchain and Internet of Things. Skills in authentication and fraud prevention methods will be valuable.

Other company offering the blockchain jobs is City. Today, the position for SVP and vice president of global digital strategy at the New York headquarter is open. This blockchain job opening is looking for suitable candidates to work on business administration, strategy and planning utilizing blockchain as the new technology base. The potential applicant must have the capabilities to drive the coordination, adoption and development of blockchain, data analytics, identity protection, artificial intelligence and open banking across the firm.

Apparently, other job openings in blockchain industry also come from J.P Morgan. The J.P Morgan embarks on the significant transformation of Blockchain in the industry so hiring qualified persons to work on this job is crucial.

Learn Skills in Blockchain

Despite the many job openings in blockchain industry, the world hasn’t had particular degree programs on blockchain subjects. Therefore, the potential candidates usually learn the skill through short courses or by themselves. And to make sure the skill keeps on evolving, it is necessary for the candidates to keep on learning.

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