Fiat –  One of Europe’s Favourite and Most Celebrated Auto Manufacturers

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Travel Featured

Italian auto manufacturer Fiat has developed an excellent reputation in the automotive world for their small and economical city cars, but there is much more to the company than this. A subsidiary of FCA Italy S.p.A which is part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the company dates back to 1899 with the introduction of their Fiat HP model. They were the largest auto manufacturer in Europe for over 20 years and this makes them an important part of automobile history.

A Celebrated Brand

Fast forward to today, they remain a UK favourite and particularly amongst young motorists, small families and those that live in the city and like to travel. Fiat has scooped dozens of awards for their vehicles over the years, including nine European Car of the Year awards (more than any other manufacturer). Additionally, they have often been classified as the company with cars with the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe and this is particularly important in a time where there is a focus on eco-friendly driving.

In addition to their small size and low running costs, a characterful style and easy experience behind the wheel are key characteristics of the Italian brand. Here is a look at a few of their current most popular models.

Panda: An affordable city car with a surprising amount of interior space thanks to its boxy design. It is also easy to drive and the small engines ensure that it is cheap to run.

500: Perhaps their most popular automobile, the 500 is a city car with retro 50’s styling. It is heavily customisable and there is even an option for a retractable roof. It is ideal for driving in the city and running costs are kept low thanks to the economical engines. In terms of city usage, this is an Unbeatable Car and a leader in its class.

Qubo: It is not just city cars that Fiat specialise in and the Qubo is a good example of this. The practical MPV has a lot of interior space for passengers and luggage and offers an enjoyable experience behind the wheel whether it is in the city or on the motorway.

The style, efficiency and affordability of Fiat ensures that they remain a UK favourite despite tough competition in the small market sectors. The Italian brand has a rich history and they have been celebrated for their achievements over the years, which certainly helps the company to remain a popular choice amongst a wide range of motorists.

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