FieldAp – An effective cloud-based digital platform to enable fast visual workflows

by | Feb 17, 2018 | Technology Featured

 In this highly advanced technology world, people use lots of front-end development trends to simplify their task. The 3d modelling is another advanced technology that brings you a fantastic chance to perform various tasks easily through specialized software.   Many 3d modelling and 3d visualization tools are available now, but FieldAp helps you to get the boundary-breaking and effective new tool.  This tool is developed for digital planning, cost management, and visual field development. Apart from that, it also serves as an effective collaboration platform between disciplines, companies, and experts involved in the field perspective life. The new technology product also provides precise offshore engineering solution.  The main aim of this software is to digitize your planning process as well as optimize the decisions. It is important to note that assets play a major role in field planning, so you can manage it effectively. If you face any difficulties, you can look for the best digital and new energy solution. The FieldAp platform provides a complete cloud-based approach for managing your assets.

Unique features

The smartly managed asset includes costing data, confirmation and engineering data. This kind of information helps you to save time, control risk and reduce errors.  FieldAp not only makes asset management simpler but also let you bring the assets to life similar to 3D visual representations. It is a smart way to know your ideas faster, generate original data and lead to informed decisions.  The more reliable platform comes with a team of skilled experts who helps you to achieve success in your project.  Though, misunderstandings, language barriers, and communication errors are common challenges. To avoid these unwanted hassles, you can utilize the real-time visual collaboration offered by the trusted platform. It is useful for every aspect of your project.  The real-time collaboration means less likelihood of errors as well as accelerated timelines across the complete project life. This brand also lets you integrate with any other offshore engineering solution and backend systems which are already used in the organization for field planning, activity scheduling or field design.

Key benefits

If you want to use the best offshore software to boost your daily activities, you can hire this brand that uses cloud technology and a modern browser to offer the best field planning software solution.  The best feature of this collaborative field planning tool is that it excels in a simple to use 3D and 2D field design and layout of your topside and subsea projects. The brand supports various data formats and sources which are used for common offshore software solutions including good paths, bathymetry, and reservoir. By using the software solutions, you can easily direct from the browser and design the field layout where you can load up the survey and bathymetry data. If you are using these software solutions, you can enjoy numerous benefits. It enables the digital working environment and fast global collaboration for your business. The smart solution helps you to reduce your cost in a 3D field layout design task. Moreover, it helps you to find the right solution in your design phase and shorten the lead time for your complete project.

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