How Atlanta Could Win The Bid For Amazon HQ2 In 2018

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Financial Featured

Over 200 communities submitted proposals for the next Amazon headquarters on the east coast. The eCommerce giant would bring a wealth of prosperity and growth to any city it chooses to join. However, the decision date is nearing as Amazon has clearly narrowed the list from 200+ to 20, and now to just a few. Among those, Atlanta seems to be a top contender for the Amazon HQ2 location. Here’s why Atlanta would make sense.

Infrastructure For Business

The business climate in Atlanta has been very strong over the past decade. You can attribute much of that success to a top rated international airport, mass transportation and city infrastructure. For a company like Amazon, they are going to need all of that infrastructure on the ground, in the air and around the block, requiring millions of square feet for their new location. Certainly, Atlanta can offer the infrastructure the Amazon deals they require on the east coast.

Atlanta Cost Of Living

In addition to the great infrastructure, the cost of living is relatively lower in Atlanta. The median house price is around $185,000. That means, future Amazon employees would enjoy a better quality of life while potentially working for slightly lower salaries. More so, it would keep costs lower for Amazon. Undoubtedly, the cost of the Atlanta economy would be an attractive option for the tech company.

Amazon Tax Incentives

Adding to the cost benefits, the Atlanta bid for HQ2 included many tax incentives. Reportedly, Amazon could receive over $1 Billion in tax incentives. Obviously, this is a large tax break. However, it could be made up for in all the taxes paid by new employees. Most importantly, Amazon would directly invest in the city which could pay off many times over the course of 10 or 20 years.

Expanded Talent Pool

One of the reasons Amazon needs to grow beyond Seattle, they need more talent. Atlanta has become a technology hub of startups, growth and innovation. In just a few short months, Amazon would be able to attract plenty of talented skills developers and professionals to work at the new headquarters. The talent pool in Atlanta is suited for global corporate companies like Coca Cola. Amazon should have no problem finding the people they need.

Established Political Environment

Perhaps, the recent dispute with the Atlanta government and Delta would cause some concern for Atlanta. According to opinion surveys in Atlanta, there is much debate on Delta’s involvement with the NRA. However, Amazon has already sent a lobbyist to Atlanta and would be wise to look at the favorable business political environment created over the past decade. With the support of political leaders in Atlanta, Amazon may end up choosing this metro area.

The winning city of the HQ2 proposal will receive nearly 50,000 new jobs and plenty of business as a result of higher incomes. Moreover, more people will buy homes and improve their quality of life. If Atlanta can continue to push their attractive benefits of infrastructure, costs, talent and incentives, there’s a good chance Amazon could announce them as the winning city later this year.

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