Portland Oregon Goes To The Dogs

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Travel Featured

If you have a dog, you want to come to Portland. It was voted #1 top dog friendly city by Dogtime, a leading dog website.You see the reason is simple. There are more things to do here with your dog then there are with your children. Of course, there are dog parks with all the amenities, but let’s look at the things that Portland has besides the dog parks.

Trails and Tours

Forest Park Wildwood Trail is a trail that you can literally get lost in. It would take you two days if you tried to walk the entire trail at once. There are thirty miles that wind in and out of wooded area, grassy areas, and gravel path ways. Of course, you will need lots of water but it is worth the trip.

International Rose Test Garden is a beauty, and it is sweet smelling too! It is super easy to get around and all you gotta do is walk through it to feel instantly refreshed. It is fresh out of a story book. Just don’t go painting the roses red.

Portland Saturday Market is once giant shopping experience. Try new foods. Find new clothes. All with your dog in tow. It is an unique cultural experience.

Plum Hill Vineyard allows you to bring your dog with you to a wine tasting. They don’t expect your dog to sit idly by either. You both can walk tour and while you try the wine, he has plenty of toys to play with.

The Rails to Trails Conservation effort has established Sweet Water Trail.You can literally walk the old rail lines and take in the beautiful scenery.


There are over 300 restaurants that you can take your dog to in Portland. We could be here all day talking about just the restaurants. You could get literally anything that you are craving with your dog. Here are our two favorite ideas to do with your dog.

Portland Food Cart Tour is one way to burn the calories as you take them in. You and your dog go from cart to cart trying different foods. There are so many options that it makes the taco truck (almost) look boring. Put away your preconceptions of food trucks because this is restaurant quality food made ready to go.

Lucky Labrador Brewery is an one of a kind place to take your dog. You will love all the different brews that they have to offer. The menu doesn’t disappointed either. If you want a great place to meet up with friends and have a beer or two, this is the place to come.


204 is the number of accommodations that allow you to bring your dog to stay the night. Not just hotels, but Airbnb and cottages as well. The Nines of Portland is located in a historic building. You can bring your dog with you and have the whole grounds to walk, as long as you remember to clean up after your pup. Of course, you could choose the Red Lion Hotel where you can enjoy the Riverside walk right on the property.

Bring Your Cause to Portland

Here is the great thing about Portland being so pet-friendly. If you have a pet friendly cause, then Portland is a great place to socialize, advertize, and generally raise awareness. There are so many pet-lovers in Portland that you are the strange one if you don’t have your fur baby with you, no matter what your plans are for the day. Plan your day around what you can do with your dog, or strikeout on an adventure and see where the day, or night, might lead you. After all, you dog isn’t just a pet, your dog is family so why expect him to stay at home?

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