The Best Gaming Laptop Of 2018

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 Now, most of the advanced laptops come with high-end processor performance and graphics. If you are a gaming lover, you need to know that the many branded laptops are also available for gaming. Choosing the right gaming laptop is not a simple task, because there are numerous choices available to select.  To pick the suitable gaming laptop, you can read this post carefully. The following passage shares you precise details regarding the top gaming laptops 2018. It is always helpful to consider some important aspects before choosing any gaming laptop.

Important things to consider

You can consider the following things while finding your gaming laptop:

  • Battery life

It is an important consideration that helps you know the lifespan of the power cell.

  • CD/DVD drive

The drive of a laptop makes it unnecessarily heavy and bulky.

  • Full HD resolution

It is another important aspect which is an overall measure of the count of pixels available on the display of the gaming laptops.

  • Graphics card

As essential laptop hardware, graphics offers better quality images on the display. In fact, the high-end graphics card bring you an excellent gaming experience

  • SD card or media slots

The media card lets you connect the SD card to your computer. It is helpful while transferring your work reports, movies, and pictures from the laptop.

  • Operating system

The highly preferred operating systems are Mac and Windows

  • Processor

If a gaming laptop comes with a bigger processor, it will increase the performance of that laptop. The gaming laptops should include a large and strong processor

  • RAM

Games run many instructions simultaneously, so you can ensure that the selected laptop should come with large RAM.

List of top gaming laptops

Here are 3 best gaming laptops as follow:

  1. ROG G703 by ASUS

It is a great laptop that brings users a portal gaming experience. This laptop offers better comfort to the players. It also has the ability to easily remove all harmful particles present in the laptop. It not only brings you wonderful gaming experience but also increases the durability of a laptop.

  1. Alienware 17 R4

It is one of the best gaming laptops offered by Alienware.  The best thing about this model is that it comes under the high-end category. With the powerful process, Alienware 17 R4 brings the most outstanding graphics.  The cost of this gaming laptop is very affordable.

  1. Razer Blade Pro

This gaming laptop is well-designed to delivers better performance, visual, and auto improvements. It truly makes a stunning gaming laptop which is used for the high powered editing or design work and gaming-related activities. It is very slimmer than other models. The 4K resolution screen is a major highlight of this laptop that offers fast and seamless action.


There are lots of gaming laptops available now, so you can carefully choose the right and best one to get an enhanced gaming experience in 2018. The following list of gaming laptops not only limited the finding but also aids you in selecting the suitable laptop for gaming.  To pick the best gaming laptop, you can consider few important aspects, including portability, display, graphics performance, processor performance, memory, and storage.

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