Types of Cameras for Commercial Trucks, Buses, and Transit Vehicles

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Technology Featured

Surveillance on commercial trucks, buses, and transit vehicles is highly recommended for its numerous advantages. It encourages safer driving practices, protects the vehicle assets, encourages accountability of drivers, and reduces of financial threats by creating evidence which can be used in refuting false claims. Camera systems, of which there is a great variety of options to choose from, also offer many safety solutions for drivers. With modern technological advancements, you can track a vehicle in real-time on an internet-connected mobile device or pc. Opt for hiring an entity that offers fleet management solutions including bus TV systems and unlimited Wi-Fi to keep your passengers entertained. Below are some of the camera types available for commercial trucks, buses, and transit vehicles.

Backup cameras

Backup cameras will improve safety and efficiency of your fleet in real time. For instance, drivers of passenger buses are kept updated on what is going on in blind spots of the bus, which can be substantial due to its size. Backup cameras are also helpful on school buses as they serve as a great means of alerting the driver of obstacles on the road, which might not be detected by their mirrors. They help in allowing the loading and unloading of children in the safest places possible. Fleet owners of buses should install backup cameras to improve the safety of their vehicles, drivers, and passengers.

Rear vision camera systems

Rear view cameras provide drivers with a tool to avoid collisions helping you secure your investment for an unforeseeable future. Collisions may be very costly, especially if third parties become involved. Rear view cameras come with video solutions that grant clear views and are structured to fit any type of commercial truck application. With such cameras, you will keep roads safe for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Digital bus cameras

These cameras work together with vehicle CCTV cameras and digital mobile video CCTV recorders, providing low-cost passenger bus video systems. The system also includes a live-view digital bus video system, serving as an expert witness if an accident or incident occurs. Digital cameras form a crucial part of an absolute digital bus video passenger camera surveillance system, enhancing the protection of children on school buses.

Video recording system

This camera system gives you a video record of the entire activities taking place around your vehicles while on the road, on the incident scene, or a service station. This camera system combines the side vision, rear vision, and the observational video, hence covering every angle of the vehicle. The video recording system helps you manage your fleet effectively, thus saving you time. It also brings down costs while increasing your overall fleet safety.

The importance of having cameras installed in your commercial vehicles, buses, or transit trucks cannot be overlooked. When cameras are installed, you are able to document the activities of your drivers and passengers. The video evidence obtained can also be applied in providing an expert witness of any activity that happens without bias.

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