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by | Mar 28, 2018 | Technology Featured

Remember the times where you had to pay someone to create a website for you? Of course, you would spend a lot of money just to make it pretty, functional and comprehensible. However, if you are a little bit into this matter, you’ve probably heard about Wix. This company offers you the best website-building experience you can get and it’s pretty simple. Now, Wix has surprised us with an absolutely new product called Wix Answers. So, is Wix Answers something you should pay attention to? Well, it certainly is, otherwise, we wouldn’t write about it here. Wix Answers is an all-in-one help desk software that gives you all the tools to create and manage your customer and business support. Let’s have a look at its features, shall we?

Wix Answers Features

When it comes to Wix products, I’ve been always a fan of them since I don’t want to waste my time on complicated stuff and at the same time I would like to receive a cool result in the end, functional and useful. As such product, Wix Answers packs a lot of interesting features that many of you will find useful. If you keep reading, you’ll get to know more about them, so stop jumping in excitement and take couple of minutes to read!

  • A special widget for customer support form on your website

As we said, there are a lot of features in Wix Answers, but I decided to begin with the one that makes me very happy. Of course, we are talking about that tiny widget that you can implement on your website for a special customer support! Hell, yeah! You can simply use the embed a widget which your customers can click on and get help. Furthermore, it’s great to link this button to your help center, tutorials or any other helpful article. This feature is also important for a ticketing system, which we’ll be going to mention later. All in all, I’m really glad that they put this widget here; a very nice addition!

  • Easy-to-setup help center

Since help center is a very important aspect for your customer-oriented business, you want to make it as pretty as possible. When it comes to the design, you can completely customize it… I mean, COMPLETELY! First, be sure to choose a template (literally hundreds of them), then customize it, add some articles and make it go live. You want to take as much time as you can since this is the feature that’s going to increase the rating of your website. Be sure to add some step-by-step guides and FAQ sections. Yeah, you can also do that, isn’t it wonderful?

  • Ticket management from different websites and multiple channels

Ticket management might be the most important feature for your website. The way it works is it is collecting all your customer support tickets that come from various channels. For example, it can take advantage of those coming from the phone, social media or simply an email. When doing that, Wix Answers track the support tickets which allows you to respond with your customer service software very quickly.

The way you want to do this is by sending the articles that might be helpful to that customer or send the product you recommend instead of the one the customer is opting for. Wix Answers will also help you to gather more information about the customer by simply suggesting him to fill in the custom fields that you can add. By doing this, you’ll get a better overview of what your customers want and need.

  • Call center support

Wix answers offers a built-in call center that provides a 1-800 number which you can use to make and take calls from and to your customers. Which means, you will be owning a call center support of your own. This allows you to provide a better support to your customers and make make them happy with the experience they get. Furthermore, your customers can take an advantage of callback, which is great for making the customer a number ONE priority.

  • Important insights always at reach

Since you work with a lot of customers and probably have a lot of products to offer, you need to check your insights, right? Well, Wix Answers offers you a centralized system that allows you to see the important insights and info about your products, support service, and customers. Remember that the success of your website depends on the quality of products and a total number of customers. So, take your insights critically and seriously and put some effort in analyzing them. Who would have thought that Wix Answers would be able to help you improve your performance like this?

  • The price (or no price)

When we talk about the features, the price is always taken into consideration. Wix Answers is an amazing product for the price… but, wait, isn’t it a free product? It actually is free to start and why don’t you test it out? Of course if you would like to have full access to all the features it has to offer it will make sense to upgrade.

  • Pros
  • It’s easy to use. Definitely one of the best customer support software on the market
  • The access to important insights is always available
  • Ticket management is done correctly and efficiently
  • Both call center and help center supports are awesome
  • It’s free to start


Wix Answers is a great solution for your business in order to increase consumer satisfaction and get deeper insights in your products and services. It is easy and free to start, so why don’t you try it out yourself? The simplicity and ease of use are simply amazing, this makes Wix Answers a great solution for both newbies and experienced users. I would definitely give this a go.

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