5 Unique Gifts for Music Lovers

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Health Featured

Finding gifts for people can be tough, right? But what if you know a little about that person’s tastes already? That makes it easier right? Maybe, maybe not. That music lover in your life probably knows which bands are the best exactly, and already owns every song from that band. You need to find something a little more unique. Here are some suggestions, some for casual listeners, some for audiophiles, some for musicians, because everyone loves music in their own way.

Give an Instrument

This can be expensive but doesn’t have to be. There are build instrument kits for things like cigar box guitars and paint your own ukuleles. These are pretty reasonable and can be fun to put together.

Other inexpensive instruments might be thumb harps, mouth harps, or harmonicas. Yes, they can be costly for well made, professional models, but some can purchase cheaply. If you want something unique, like a Theremin, be prepared to spend some serious money on it. But that look on their face might just be worth it.

Customize Something

Make part of the musician’s instrument unique, without needing to borrow it. Personalized guitar picks are available, with individual messages or just a name. The same with drumsticks, for a more high-end gift, custom art on cymbals is available.

Instead of actual usable items, try record label coasters, or engraved guitar pick keychain fobs. There are a huge number of music-related gifts that can be made your own by having them customized.

Add a New Sound

As vinyl becomes more popular, many music lovers are tempted to get involved in collecting it but feel it wouldn’t be sensible without a turntable. More companies are putting out affordable, quality turntables all the time.

Be the hero and take away that excuse by giving them a place to spin all those records they are going to buy. Another way to provide actual music would be a year’s subscription to a streaming music site, or an upgrade to a free site to get rid of ads.

Improve their Old Sound

Only the rare music lover is a hard-core audiophile, but everyone appreciates a better sound. There are some ways to deliver this, depending on what sort of equipment they use to listen now. A rare one is a Digital-to-Audio Converter or DAC. That’s the system that turns digital files into actual sound.

Every player of music files has one, but not necessarily the best one. Even an inexpensive dedicated DAC can make a noticeable difference in sound quality, and a high-end one, like a Chord DAC, can be amazing.

More common upgrades might be speakers for a stereo system, or perhaps wireless Bluetooth speakers for use with phones or tablets. The built-in speakers on these devices are rarely very powerful or high-fidelity. A separate Bluetooth speaker can make a big difference, and there are many clever designs for them, including one built into a showerhead for music while you bathe.

One more option for improving their music enjoyment are headphones. Again, these can run a huge range, from cheap earbuds for that friend who always loses theirs, to wireless ones, all the way up to professional DJ headphones. There’s such an enormous variety of styles you will have to rely on your knowledge of your friend to decide what to get them. Perhaps the light-up ones with the cat ears on the band and leopard print fur? Maybe not.

Collectible Gifting

If you can’t easily buy music you know they both will like and don’t already have; maybe you can make it more unique instead. Copies of vintage albums, band t-shirts, and tour posters are all available. With a beautiful frame, this can be something they display for years to come or wear in the case of shirts.

If they already collect, maybe they need a better way to display their collection. Lightbox frames for concert ticket collections, for example. You might get them something they already have but in a new medium or special edition. A vinyl copy of their favorite album or a special edition with extras included. A classic vintage album is another option. Collectors enjoy things like the etched laser editions of vinyl pressings.

In the end, you still have to choose something fitting for your musical friend, whether that’s a serious gift or a joke one. An expensive showpiece or a more reasonable bit of personal treasure. But these suggestions should spark some of your ideas and will hopefully lead you to that only gift they will remember for years to come.

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