Level770 is Mastering Forex and CFD Trading

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Stock Market News Featured

The world of online trading is growing and changing at an astronomical rate. New trading methods are being created as fresh economic growth trends and opportunities emerge. It is absolutely necessary to be connected to experienced professionals in this field to maintain a modern and informed strategy for success.

The Forex and CFD trading arena is dynamic, multi-faceted, and diverse. If you are engaging in this area of investing, it would be wise to find a company that has expertise in trading globally between capital markets. An experienced company called Level 770 has been doing this for 10 years and offers their services to B2B arrangements. They currently have a wide variety of trading brands in use at call centers all over the world. All of their trading brands are registered and authorized to be in accordance with trading activity in European markets.

Offering three different levels of collaborative business models, Level 770 can answer any questions concerning attainable business goals for any level of investor. They assist their customers not only with the early stages of development but also with everyday issues and more. One-on-one training is available and they can provide you with everything you need to start a new business.

Level770 uses trusted and secure trading platform software such as Webtrader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and Mobile. The necessary tools that you need are always available through these programs. Online trade training that includes videos and tutorials are also offered. They use Voice over Internet Protocol technology to enable calls to be made over the internet. This can help employees make calls no matter where they are as long as they have an internet connection. Another useful service to have is the automatic dialer which can connect to a live person after a connection is made. They provide this service as well, and their setup time is only three hours. Sales crews and managers can receive one-on-one training and access to sales scripts. Other services such as sales feedback services, sales call recording and analysis, and HR consultations to assist with the employment of personnel, are also available.

An important aspect of a new business is customer relationship management (CRM). Level 770’s system for maintaining a positive dialogue with customers has been shown to assist in sales growth through direct contact. The advanced technology that is utilized allows for full surveillance and follow-up procedures for all trading transactions. They provide banking and clearing services, full compliance services, and dealing services with 24-hour support. Additionally, they have optional marketing services to help in researching a strong marketing plan and a risk management service that can help with significant expenditure decisions and be crucial to the continued development of your business.

Level770 can assist in banking services in 26 different countries and provide CC processing services with many processing companies including 7 of the industry’s leading giants. The latest technological advances in trading are embraced and their financial innovation has come through their ability to change with the current market trends.

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