Pastor Chris Spreads The Word Of God With The 2018 ISM Conference

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Multi millions of people from all around the world are being captivated by the spiritual preaching and teaching of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This fantastic Man of God has been leading by example for over thirty years. He exemplifies spiritual discipleship in every aspect of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Chris Oyakhilome, D.SC, DD, demonstrates the Word of God in such a way that everyone gets a complete understanding of the power, and the greatness of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Chris has had several visions come to realization during his tenure as a God fearing preacher and teacher. He hosts spiritual conferences, and celebrations that are open to people of all religious denominations.

One of the visions of Pastor Chris was the International School of Ministry. He envisioned a school where he would equip and train other ministers to carry the message of God to their congregations. He wanted to empower them with all of the miraculous powers of the Word of God that they could impart to the people of their world. The International School of Ministry was established in 2007, and has since taught thousands of ministers who have graduated from the school. Upon returning to their churches, these ministers were able to preach and teach with a greater conviction.

The accurate knowledge that the ministers obtained added to their demonstrations of the character of the Holy Spirit. A great coming together of minds, bodies, and spirits is planned for all new and former students of the International School of Ministry. This conference will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from April 30, 2018 through May 4, 2018. The forum is open to all Senior, and Executive ministers from all across the globe. The International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network is an organization that falls under the favorable realm of the International School of Ministry. It is specifically for those who have successfully graduated from the school.

The conference will allow ministers the opportunity to be recognized as part of the Ministers Network organization. The past and present students from all over the world will be able to form an effective and creative relationship with Pastor Chris. Their interaction will be based on the common ground that they all share. The conference will foster unity in the Word of God, and the Body of Christ, through the uniformed message that will be preached. The ministers will come away from the conference inspired by the Word, and with a desire to prosper in their lives, and in their ministries.

Registration for the International School of Ministry Ministers Network Conference is simple and easy from the ISM website. Accommodation packages are also available online. There is a choice of ten hotels and suites to choose from. Pastor Chris and his staff makes everything comfortable and affordable for all in attendance. This conference is deemed to be the most powerful gathering of God’s anointed ministers, and the Word of God will be abundant. Every church that will be represented by a minister at the conference will be more enriched in the Glory of God after the conference.

The International School of Ministry has produced dynamic ministers who are growing their churches through the empowerment that they received by way of the school. The conference will strengthen the confidence of these members, and instill in them an even stronger faith, and belief in the Word of God. Pastor Chris has served the people of the world through his schools, his television ministry, his written word, and charitable affiliations. He works continuously to spread the Word to as many people as possible, in all corners of the world.

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