Top 10 Reasons to Have a Gun Safe

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Health Featured

Every gun owner needs to prioritize the safety of his firearm. Whether you’re traveling or working something at your home, be sure to always keep your gun stored securely. This way you will prevent unauthorized access, theft, and accident.

Apart from the gun safety, there’re also a lot of other reasons to own a gun safe. Read on to find out these reasons.

1. Gun Safety

Having a control over who can have access to your weapon is of utmost importance to its safety. Besides burglars and thieves, you should also think about other people in your house like house-sitters, babysitters, visitors, friends, and your children.

2. Prevent Access to Children

Just to follow up on the previous sentence. Many states have a requirement that the guns must be locked up due to the child access prevention, even if you do not have your own kids. The penalties for this vary widely from state to state, so make sure to check the local laws.

3. Protect Your Rights

According to the anti-gun groups, every gun is dangerous in everyone’s hands. They consider any gun a big threat to the public safety. Accidents and tragedies that involve firearms are exploited by those political groups to convey their message. Even nonfatal accidents involving guns attract both local and national legislative attention.

4. Protection from Fires

In case of big fire, everything can be lost in your home in no time. A fireproof gun safe gives you protection from blaze for your beloved guns as well as other valuables. So it’s good to have it just in case.

5. Protection from Burglars

While most weapons can be easily upgraded or replaced, some guns have a sentimental value that’s impossible to replace. That mostly refers to the old guns with rare features and custom engraved guns. Over the years, many gun owners do lots of customization, which is expensive and time-consuming to duplicate. Just think about how much that is really worth to you.

6. Locking Device Laws

Note that it’s required to keep a firearm under lock and key after purchase in a total of 11 states. That implies some kind of locking device. If you live in California, bear in mind that there are specific regulatory standards that involve a unique DOJ firearm safety device.

7. Insurance Coverage Limitations

Does your insurance cover your gun? Most policies merely cover damage, not thievery. So it’s a good idea to add up all the costs of your guns and compare it with the coverage limit. You may need to appraise your guns prior to getting them covered with some insurance policies. Sometimes you may also be required to itemize your collection — serial numbers and the like. For that reason, read out your policy carefully.

8. Insurance Discounts

Some insurance companies provide discounts for a true safe, fire-rated safe, as well as other types of security measures. The same goes for a gun safe. Be sure to contact your agent to find out if any discount is available for keeping a gun safe.

9. Quick Access

The quick access to a gun is very important for personal protection. That’s why many manufacturers make gun safes that can be opened in a matter of second.

10. It Looks Cool

Last but not least, a gun safe looks good in most cases. Painted in a nice glistening lacquer and stressed with plated shiny hardware, the heft and size of a gun safe come to the fore.

Many people have a gun exclusively for home protection. Others prefer using it when traveling by truck or car. While you might be obliged by law to keep your gun locked in the trunk in some states, others do not require any locked case in the vehicle. Either way, owning a gun safe is highly recommended. The Gun Forests Truck Gun Safe reviews will help you choose the best gun safes. Check them out!

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