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by | Apr 23, 2018 | Jobs Featured

The world is not as easy as it used to be in the past. Today, in the 21st century, we are greeted with cut-throat competition in every field and the jobs are becoming lesser by the day. The inflation has risen by leaps and bounds. Earning a sufficient amount of money is a necessity today if you want to lead a comfortable life and save little amounts of money for the future or any unprecedented incident. The best way is to get a degree in a professional course and get a high paying job after that. But this is not possible for everyone. Getting a degree is an expensive affair. Moreover, high paying jobs are scarce and apart.

Do you ever think if you could get another source of income from doing something other than your regular job? Which doesn’t take many efforts too? If your mind is visited by these thoughts and you sit in great contemplations, but cannot reach to a conclusion as to how to achieve such a goal, then I definitely suggest you read on because I will be suggesting many ways by which you can get extra income for yourself. Doing these things should not take much of your time and it also will create another source of income which is always welcomed by everybody. So, without wasting any more time, let us dive right into it.

  1. Blogging

Blogging took over the world in the last decade. Just after that, we saw a boom in the number of blogs on the internet. Today we have millions of blogs, some are professional and some are just a hobby for someone. Blogging has become a huge industry today. You can also join this trend and earn some extra cash through it.

How do you ask? Well, for starters, you need to create a blogging website for yourself. This can be done either using a free blogging platform like Blogger or buying your own domain and choose a  popular CMS to make a nice website,  which should not cost you much. The next step is to decide a theme for your content. This is very vital. You have to write such content which attracts huge traffic or viewers to your site. The main source of income by blogging is advertisements. The more number of viewers visit your website, the more they will view the advertisements on your blog, the more money you will earn.

For pushing advertisements you can choose from various services like Google Adsense. Usually, these services have a threshold for payout. Initially, earning from blogs may not amount to much, but if you are able to gather a huge audience from your writings, you will earn a substantial amount in the long run.

  1. Part-Time job

This is also a very popular way of earning some extra money for yourself. You can always work a second job which does not require much effort from you. You can either work part-time in a job which is related to your own domain or you can take a part-time job where work is based on your hobby. For example, if you work in software, you can work part-time with a company which also develops software and assist them in the development process. Or if writing has been your passion for a long time, you can work as a content writer for many blogs, magazines or websites on a part-time basis. You can dedicate a couple of hours for these jobs and earn an extra income. Not only this adds to your profile for the future, it also increases your skills whilst giving you a monetary reward. We should all know that the strength of our mind lies in the work and not in the rest.

  1. Teach

If you are good at something, you can teach that skill online. Acquiring skills really quickly has become the norm because we live in a fast-changing world. What we knew yesterday may as well be obsolete today, so learning has become a necessity. This is the reason why many people look towards various online platforms like Udemy to learn a new skill. You can become an instructor for such a website and create an online course for your students. You can also fix a price for your course on the website. Creation of a course may require initial efforts, but after you have uploaded the course, it will keep fetching extra income for you. Doing work once and earning for a long time from that work doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

  1. Rent your house

Renting your spare room or a whole house is a good source of income. This is especially very popular in metropolitan cities where many people come in search of jobs and require a place to stay. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you can also rent your house or a room. This ensures you a monthly income without actually doing much. You might have to take care of a few maintenance issues, but that’s all you need to do for this income source.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world. Every day millions of people watch videos on the website created by Youtube content creators or Youtubers. If you have a passion for creating videos in any genre then joining YouTube seems appropriate. If you are able to gather a huge number of subscribers to your own channel on YouTube, then they will push advertisements to your videos. This is the main source of income as a YouTube content creator. Moreover, you could also promote products on your channels for which you will be paid. Many videos are also sponsored by many companies, which again is a source of income from YouTube. Many people have taken this as a profession and are creating videos on a full-time basis.

In today’s world where the economy has become unpredictable, it is always a wise decision to create another source of income for yourself. Doing this in the 21st century is not all that difficult as well. This is due to the fact that we are provided with a plethora of ways for earning extra income. If you were inspired by any of my ideas mentioned above or have an idea of your own, I advise you to start today and start earning.

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