Why Not Utilize Rio De Janeiro for Creative Inspiration?

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Travel Featured

Many tourists consider Rio De Janeiro a part of football history or as the city that never sleeps! However, Rio De Janeiro is a hidden gem when it comes to providing the creative mind some much sought-after inspiration.

With so many of us looking for something more meaningful from our travels, more and more tourists are turning to historical cities as a way of getting more for their money, while combining culture with downtime.

Though you could be forgiven that thinking this city offers you nothing in the way of creative inspiration, both artists, photographers and indeed writers can find a myriad of nooks and crannies around Rio De Janeiro; they just need to know where to look!

Experiencing Rio De Janeiro From a Fresh Perspective

One of the best ways of taking in this city is by using a guide. How better to experience such a place than through a fresh pair of eyes, but more so from someone who knows all about the history behind some of Rio De Janeiro’s most breath-taking areas of interest?

Increasing in popularity all over the world, and in some of the wider known of cities, walking tours are one of the most popular ways for tourists to see the sights while learning as much new information from a knowledgeable and stimulated guide.

Such guides know all there is to know about the history behind the settings, but also offer those little snippets of information that some of the more prominent holiday companies and travel operators from outside of the city are not always privy to!

Rio De Janeiro for Artists

The Selaron Steps consist of a breathtaking 215 mosaic steps. Designed and created by Chilean born artist Jorge Selaron, this visual display is unlike any other to be found across the world and leaves many a tourist lost for breath.

Every inch of every one of the 215 steps here is covered in tiles, ceramics, and mirrors, which began outside of Selaron’s own home and extended rapidly. Selaron initially decided that he would use the predominate colors yellow, blue and green, in a homage to the Brazilian flag. However, as word spread of his project, people then came from far afield to contribute their own tiles, which he then began adding to the design.

The result is a magnificent set of steps which genuinely inspire those who walk upon them. Ultimately, it’s just one of the sights where an artist can see for themselves the possibilities of transforming a ramshackle neighborhood into a beauty spot, and all by simply using color and alternative materials, thus uniting a community!

Rio De Janeiro for Photographers

For those tourists looking to capture the beauty and very essence of this city, albeit digitally, Rio de Janeiro boasts some of the world’s most impressive architecture, with some wonderful historical background to boot. For some of the must-see areas of interest, a city tour in Rio De Janeiro is perhaps one of the more creative of ways to capture such sights.

The Municipal Theatre is just one of this city’s treasures waiting to be captured. A most ornate building, this is an entirely functional theater offering much activity, but for the budding photographer, this activity starts and ends with the style of the theater. With luxurious decor, the outside façade is a sight to behold and a joy for all looking to convey the richness and vibrancy of this beautiful city at its best.

Rio De Janeiro for Writers

Finally, for the writer looking for some much-needed inspiration, there’s no doubt that a few days spent soaking up the sights and listening to the extensive background of this city’s incredible history, will eliminate even the most persistent of writers’ block!

With stark contrasts throughout the city, emphasizing those narrow streets against the open-air markets, the charm of the astoundingly built and preserved buildings, and the run-down residential areas dotted throughout, every inch of Rio De Janeiro provides a plot. All a writer need do is add words to such visions!

Discovering Rio De Janeiro Within a Group

It’s often said that inspiration strikes not only when you are in new surroundings but, more so, when you are around individuals with similar interests. Imagine taking in the sights of this impressive city with other like-minded artists, photographers or writers?

Why not share the experience with a compatible creative and take as much as you can from your time in Rio De Janeiro?

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