How to Create an Order Form That Engages Customers

by | May 15, 2018 | Technology Featured

Creating the perfect order form online is by no stretches of the imagination an easy feat. Besides just knowing how to code, you’re also required to know what your clients want and how you should be fulfilling their needs for them. There are numerous things required in the perfect order form online, but if there is one feature that the form should boast of, it is how well it does to engage clients in. Here we take a look at how you can create an online form that engages customers and eventually converts them into buyers.

Make Payments Easy

Your online form is as good as the payment option that you have up on it. The versatility and interactivity of the payment option is what sets the impression that customers have of your order form. The payment option should make payments simpler by making them easy, effortless and secure. Customers won’t trust an online form that redirects to other pages for payment related information. Keep it simple and don’t make the customer hover around much, when they are close to making a purchase.

Add, Multiply, Subtract and Divide as you go

For online stores or companies offering more than one product or different variants of a single product, it is necessary that they provide easy options for customers to add or subtract. The total payment should perfectly represent the quantity of the variants and the different products, which is why you need a form that has the ability to calculate prices on the go, as items are changed and altered.

Personalized Services

Now, you will have humans filling your online order form, which is why it is necessary to add the human element to the questions and the answers. You can add the piping feature here, since that gives the ‘humans’ filling the form an easy way to post answers and move ahead. The perfect method to implement the piping feature is to take answers from previous questions, and pipe it into future questions that maybe asking the same thing. Information pertaining to names is often repeated, which is why you can ‘pipe’ that. The humans filling your form will react positively to this feature and will be glad at the time savings made by implementing it.

Send an Invoice

Keep customers in the loop and make sure that they are as much a part of the process as you are. As soon as the form has been filled, and the required information provided, you should send your clients an invoice of the purchase to their personal email or phone number. Sending the invoice would make all customers trust you and your company.

Create a full-branded form

It is necessary for your online order form to position your brand favorably. You can incorporate GIFs and images positioning your brand well inside the form to help set the right perception.

The perception customers have of your brand really matters, and the online order forms plays an important role here. Have it made with the help of an expert, and you will be good to go forward.

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