Six reasons why gun control is not the answer

by | May 15, 2018 | Politics Featured

The gun control argument has been raging in the US for several yeas now. It has become more vociferous since the Parkland High School shooting, and the ensuing demonstrations, hit the headlines. Voices on both sides of the argument have become louder.

The truth is that responsible gun owners are no risk to anyone. They take time to research the best weapons and accessories at sites such as, they make sure that they maintain their weapons effectively and they learn how to handle firearms safely. It’s certain individuals, and not guns, that cause the problems. There are many reasons why gun control just does not make sense.

Everyone has the right to defend themselves

Every US citizen must have the right to protect themselves, their family and their home. Having a firearm to hand helps them to do this. Most people own a gun for this reason. They want to be able to feel safe, and protected, in their own home.

Gun ownership is protected by the Second Amendment

This is one very important reason why further gun control measures should not be put in place. The Second Amendment of the US Constitution provides for every US citizen to be able to own a firearm.

Criminals are armed

The perpetrators of crimes such as armed robbery and home invasion have weapons. They have the means by which to injure or kill people. Taking guns away from innocent people means that criminals have the upper hand. They can feel free to cause carnage whenever they wish.

Guns can even up the playing field

Many victims of crime are women or older people who are not as able to protect themselves from a physical point of view. Having a firearm to use evens the playing field between these victims and potential attackers. It helps them to feel safe in a potentially violent world.

Law officials may not offer protection

Most law officials do an amazing job, but they are under no obligation to put their lives at risk to protect others. Of course, many of them do, but people cannot rely on this to happen. In the absence of protection from professionals, people need to have the means to protect themselves; in the form of a firearm.

Controlling guns does not prevent assaults

Guns are only one of numerous weapons that people can use to assault others. President Trump spoke of the matter when he addressed the NRA. He mentioned the knife crimes that have become such a major issue in the UK. Placing controls on guns does not prevent violence.

The issue of gun control is likely to remain a talking point, although it does not seem as though any changes are going to be made. This is a good thing as guns do not cause any problems; people do. The US Government may have to take a closer look as why shootings occur but placing tighter controls on firearms is not the answer.


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