The Healthy List of Protein Rich Food

by | May 23, 2018 | Health Featured

Our desire to be healthy has become stronger than ever. Gone are the days when staying fit was natural for people and food intake ensured that we got proper nutrients. Nowadays, we need to take keen interest towards being healthy if we want to stand a chance to survive the harsh realities of life. Well, among all the other things, protein intake is something really important these days, and there are also several healthy protein rich food for vegetarians. Here is the healthy list of protein rich food that will help you stay strong, kill hunger, and give a twist to your taste buds as well.

  • The Greek yogurt

This has become one of the most popular choices of people that want to eat healthy. One of the reasons why it is such a preferred option is also that it has twice as protein compared to the other yogurts. This specific  yogurt is also quite rich in the probiotic bacteria and calcium as well. This works out to be great for gut health as well. When you are looking for a healthy protein rich food for vegetarians then make sure to look for Greek yogurt in order to keep it in check.

  • The cottage cheese

What do you do when you are hungry late at night? Well, you can make cottage cheese your go to protein fix for the late night. This is high in casein which is also a dairy protein and the best thing about it is that it digests more slowly when compared to the whey. Going for cottage cheese will help you accomplish two set of goals. One is to feed your muscles all night so that there is no chance for muscles to catabolize and the other is that it keeps you waking up in the early morning and starving.

  • The common and cheap: Eggs

Eggs are easily available in the market and are considered to be perfect muscle food. Well, another great advantage is the price that you pay for it; almost nothing. Eggs are a power pack food with the branched-chain amino acids. You also get eggs fortified with the omega-3 fatty acids, and this will help you get even more out of it.

  • Kidney beans

When it comes to protein intake, the kidney beans can never be ignored. These are a perfectly carved nature’s way of providing you protein, fiber and carbohydrates. These beans are also good to eat when paired with steamed or boiled rice which is also an all time favorite dish in many Indian houses. This meal is wholesome and it can also be enjoyed in the form of toppings in a salad and so on. So grabbing this as your protein fill every once in a while will definitely do the right trick for you when it comes to following up with your health goals.

  • Lentils

Most people cannot do without the lentils in their diet. Lentils have become primary part of most meals for numerous people. As you amp up your intake of protein, you also get the benefit of cooking something that is so inexpensive and easy to prepare. For a complete meal, you can serve it along with a bowl of rice or hot rotes.

  • Green peas

Most of the vegetables are not as power packed with proteins as the green peas. This is one of the famous winter staples that are available out there in the nature. You also get the frozen green peas in market, and you can be happy because these also provide you with the needed protein and fiber. A word of caution however is to pick up the bag and feel how the peas feel; if you can feel them then they are good to go. On the other hand, if you are not able to feel the peas, it is either thawed or refrozen into big chunks. In order to give a boost to your overall protein intake, you can also try to cook matter paneer and enjoy the protein benefits along with good taste on your tongue.

  • The delicious shrimp

Shrimp is also a go to option for many when it comes to having their dose of protein. This is one lean  and mean way of taking protein in the body. Once you cook it, it is delicacy to your tongue and an added protein source that helps in your protein goals for healthy life.

Plan your diet well

The above mentioned are some of the most common options when you get tired of chicken and other meat forms of protein. These are easy to make, delicious for the pallet, and are healthy protein rich foods that you can avail. These and many other options can be easily availed, but you still need to be careful that you plan your diet well. Make sure to list the different items that you want to eat every day because if you eat same protein source every day, the chances are that you may get bored with it.

What are the local ingredients?

At times, you may find it difficult to source some of the items listed here. If these are not available due to the season or just less stock, you can plan to include protein rich diet that is easily available in your area. This will help you continue with your protein intake goals and get these things at good prices.

As you consider the above mentioned points, you need to also make sure that you carry out a good research on what the local market has to offer you for your protein goals. Well, there are numerous other options available out there for fulfilling your protein goals, but it depends upon what you would like to choose for enhancing your taste buds. At times, it might be really challenging for you to keep up with the routine, but remember a good intake of protein throughout the day will ensure that you maintain good health as well.

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