The Tastiest Places to Eat in Italy

by | May 10, 2018 | Travel Featured

If you know anything about Italy you’ll know that it’s home to some amazing foods. From extravagant pasta dishes to tasty pizzas, amazing ice creams and more, you can expect to enjoy many wonderful dishes in Italy. So, book your italian villa and get ready to dine in some well-known and less well-known eateries.

Ristorante Seiperdue Crudo Gourmet, Rome

If you would like to indulge in a spot of fine dining, you need to head to Ristorante Seiperdue Crudo Gourmet in Rome. This restaurant serves some incredible dishes that are beautifully presented. Although the menu is not an extensive one, there is a good choice of dishes, and you have the opportunity to enjoy a four-course meal at a good price.

The restaurant itself has a charming rustic feel, and even though it is not the biggest eatery, it is one of the best. The size of the restaurant means the waiting staff can spend more time with you, offering a service that is second to none. Very understated but well worth a visit, diners have the chance to choose between fish and meat dishes, vegan and vegetarian meals, and gluten-free meals too. Indulge yourself at Ristorante Seiperdue Crudo Gourmet and savour every bite as your time in the restaurant will be one to remember.

Il Belli al Trionfale, Rome

If you would like nothing more than to enjoy a good steak, you need to head to Il Bella al Trionfale. Serving Mediterranean dishes along with Italian and steak dishes, this restaurant promises some good dishes. From bruschetta to ravioli, delicious desserts, and sumptuous starters, you can expect to enjoy the very best in steakhouse food.

Very well presented, and nicely prepared, this eatery is a bit of a hidden gem. Don’t be fooled by the restaurant’s surroundings, this is a place that is worth visiting, and meat lovers everywhere are likely to agree.  One of the most recommended dishes here is the beef carpaccio that comes with cheese and is served on a stone platter. Wash the beef down with some wine if you please, and enjoy the calm but friendly surroundings that make dining here a real treat.

Kate Away, Milan

A charming little café tucked away in a corner of Milan is Kate Away, and is home to some amazing food that needs to be enjoyed. With a real café feel this eatery has an informal atmosphere with an air of sophistication. The food here is just divine, there is no other word for it, and it simply needs to be tried.

You could be forgiven for thinking that all this eatery serves is desserts, in fact, it serves much more than that. Enjoy some quiche, a bit of lasagna, or some vegan dishes. Try a bit of freshly made juice before diving into some cheesecake, a cupcake, or a fruit tart. Alternatively, feel free to pop into Kate Away and buy something to eat on the go.

Piz, Milan

You simply cannot spend any time in Italy without enjoying a bit of, or a lot of pizza. Serving a wide range of pizzas as well as a few drinks, Piz is a really good place to dine. Made fresh to order, and served in a bright and vibrant restaurant that’s full of colour, you’ll be glad you came to Piz.

If you are expecting to dine somewhere quiet you are in for a surprise. Piz is brightly decorated with red, blue, and yellow, creating figures on the wall, and bright patterns everywhere. One of the good things about this eatery is you can see the chef’s hard at work, and you get a real sense that they really want you to enjoy your meal, which you will! One of the best places to eat in Milan, and often quite busy, Piz is definitely worth a visit at least once.

La Bottiglia, Venice

With an impressive selection of street food, La Bottiglia is the ideal venue if you are looking for something different. Although La Bottiglia is not a restaurant, it does serve some very good meals, and most of them are organic and healthy. With ham hanging from the ceiling above the salad bar that’s next to a good selection of alcohol, there really is something for everyone here.

Sit outside and eat one of the glorious sandwiches that was made fresh to order, and get a taste of something wonderful. The portions here are very good, so you may want to arrive hungry! This eatery is all about good food that tastes great, so forget visiting those fancy and expensive restaurants, this is the place to dine!

Cantina Arnaldi, Venice

Serving Mediterranean and Italian meals, Cantina Arnaldi is a meat-lover’s paradise. Serving elaborate dishes that are sure to please you, this is the place to be if you also love cheese and wine as there’s a lot on the menu.

Although Cantina serves meat dishes, it is not a steakhouse, rather it is an up-market eatery that has a more sophisticated atmosphere than a steakhouse. The atmosphere and the food make this place the ideal location if you would like to enjoy a special night out. Tastefully decorated and with big portions, if you would like to dine somewhere special, this is the place to be.

Italy is full to the brim of wonderful places to eat, from small cafés to large fancy restaurants, and everything in between. Enjoy the culinary delights that this country has to offer, making your vacation even more memorable.

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