Top 10 Shops that Students Do Really Like

by | May 26, 2018 | Education Feature

Students planning to study in the UK would be extremely curious as to the attractions that the UK offers. And this should be a good thing. Boasting some of the elite schools, interconnected road networks, and prestige for first-rate education, the UK is an attraction destination for students around the world.

However, the question could be: What about shopping and entertainment? Through the classroom rigors, term paper projects, custom essay writing, and the unending study for tests and exams, the ideal student would probably ask: What does shopping experience look like?

Well, you would not be disappointed. Shopping experience in the UK could be remarkable, notably because retailers pay attention to students’ interests and requirements, and aim to make the shopping experience as memorable as possible.

So, interested in delving to know more about the best shops for shopping in the UK? The list below provides an ideal aggregate.

  1. Harrods

Listed among the top ten department stores in the UK, the luxury department store is definitely not one to go and hang out for the average student. This is because items in Harrods consist of some of the prohibitive prices in shopping. Also, going to Harrods would require having a dress code.

So, what do students go into the Harrods for? For the souvenirs! Nothing beats the feeling of carrying some items in the Harrods souvenir bag. Thus students go for the key chains, purchase the teddy bears, and gallantly stride out in possession of the unique Harrods souvenir bag.

And what about pictures? Harrods offer a pristine environment that provides breathtaking backgrounds to snapshots taken in the store.

  1. McDonalds

A known name in the fast food industry, McDonalds represents one of the favorite spots for students to hang out and eat, especially when running late for classes or other activities.

On display of the student or UNIDAYS ID card, students also get a free cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken or McFlurry Original when they purchase an Extra Value or Wrap Meal. A truly, truly strong reason to visit!

  1. Domino’s Pizza

Nothing beats putting in the late night hours, studying for an exam, like ordering for a pizza. Pizza fast food chain, Domino’s Pizza has established a reputation for delivering pizzas within 30 minutes of placement of the order.

A regular ordering service for students, Domino’s Pizza delivery couriers are regular night companions for students ravenous after some marathon study time.

  1. Boohoo

Enjoy a splendid shopping experience from the comfort of your home. Offering diverse sales and new trendy outfits, Boohoo is an online retailer which make going through the aisles and making products purchase seamless; this experience results in the cost of saved time for the student.

Cheap, affordable clothing with discount prices, Boohoo is one store you’d want to stop by, to make regular purchases. And if you are looking for a reason to go ahead and shop? There are discounts targeted at students too.

  1. Missguided

If you would like some more adventure when choosing your clothes, you could stop by Missguided. Another online retailer, with a vast range of clothing for students, you definitely would want to get prepped up, to experience the quantity of the selections available.

Missguided also offers a free next day delivery within the UK. And when you shop right, there is a 10% discounts for students too.

  1. ASOS

Located in several parts of Europe and America, as well as several fulfillment centres in the UK, the list would seem incomplete if ASOS wasn’t added.

Another fashion retailer to pick a wide collection of clothing, ASOS offers fashion choices – classic and trendy, from about 80,000 brands. Free delivery and returns, and next day delivery, are also available, as well as students get a 10% discount off any purchase made.


And once you’ve completed your shopping for clothes, head out to OFFICE to pick matching shoes for your outfits.

OFFICE is one of the leading footwear providers in the UK, with a large range of foot products to select from. From fashion sportswear, to footwear for the classroom, social activities and hangouts, you can pick whatever item appeals to you; and get a discount for it also.

  1. Lidl

When you are ready to carry out your grocery shopping, stop by Lidl to sample items, which are some of the cheapest around. Located at several discreet locations at the UK, Lidl has an amazing range of food items and products, to add to your pantry.

You can also take advantage of discount prices, depending on the time of the day you do your shopping.

  1. Aldi

Here, you’ll get food and more food. Aldi is another supermarket store located in the UK and other countries, with its first store opened in Germany. Focused on providing low cost, yet high quality food items, Aldi, having just a store in the UK in the 1990s, presently has close to 500 stores.

Aldi is a favorite for students, with the knowledge that you can have all the food you want, without burning a hole into your pocket.

  1. Waterstones

While you can shop online at the Amazon UK for the books you want, online prices being some of the cheapest, if you have an desire to visit a bookstore, and gaze first-hand at the books on the shelves; pick up a bag and take a trip to Waterstones.

Waterstones has a wide collection of books from different authors, best-selling books, stationery and other gift items. You could also opt to buy books in stores on campus, and if you are ripe for a free day, take a walk or transit around the city.


The UK offers lots and lots of attractions to the prospective student. While getting around the shops, do not forget that around the corner are some of the sports clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, and others; local sports clubs though with a global fan following.

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