Top 7 Services Provided By Level 770 Company

by | May 19, 2018 | Business Feature

Level770 Company has a long history and know-how in providing their clients with technological solutions. The company offers its clients with a wide range of tools to ensure that their businesses run seamlessly and make more sales. The tools are meant to meet the client’s financial and technological needs from their daily business management to the establishment of the business. The company also has extensive experience in online marketing, as it specializes in global trading in the capital markets. This has enabled the firm to provide its clients with the best platform for B2B partnership. It backs each of its services with topnotch support. In the end, the level 770 company is said to improve customer interactions efficiency and making them realize results.

Here is a list of some of the services provided by this company

  1. Full Escort and Supervision

The Level770 Company will cover you when you are establishing a new call center. They will conduct a face to face training as well as the baseline measurement. It will supervise your newly established business as well as advising you on all business aspects since it understands the challenges that come with establishing a new business. They advise you on efforts and preparations that a new business calls for.

  1. Trades Brands

The firm enables you to access various trading brands to be used in a call center. It will supply you with flexible platform a call centers diverse financial market and a business development stages. The trading brands that the company offers are well suited for a call centers financial demands and also the businesses ideas.

  1. Platforms for Trading

The company offers trading platform software that lets the client open, close as well as managing their financial products. It offers unbeatable trading platforms like the MetaTrader 4, 5, Webtrader, as well as Mobile, to ensure that you are accessible at all times. These platforms offer clients self –trading services. You will also benefit from the training on online trading and video tutorials to horn your trading skills and hit your goals.

  1. CRM System

The CRM or Customer Relationship Management system help call centers to monitor and put your previous interactions with your customers organized. It also organizes interested population details and hence fosters a good relationship with your clients. This system has been proved to help a business realize huge sales as it helps the company to better respond to the customer needs. The company integrates the CRM system using a high technology that allows for optimum surveillance and all the trading follow-ups.

  1. Payment Processing

Level 770 has more than 15 different credit-card partners and also processes alternative payments. It offers a combined variety of payment gateways for convenience. The different payment gateways allow one to receive payments from clients from almost anywhere in the world, which uses various payment methods.

  1. Liquidity Services

The firm boasts of having more than 170 partners across the globe. This has allowed the firm to align with various payment regimes that suit your needs. It performs payments on a weekly, after two weeks, ad monthly basis, therefore depending on your preference; you can choose your suitable payday.

  1. VOIP System Services

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol technology; the technology uses a program instead of a traditional telephone to make a call over the internet. It often depends on sound information to make a call over the internet. VOIP is beneficial to a call center that has both remote and commuting workers as they can make calls for free from wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection. The company spices the VOIP system with an automatic dialer that dials a phone number and is also able to record a message and connect to you when your receiver picks your call.

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