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In the recent years, the field of blogging become attractive and many freelancers are entered in this field. Some of them took an active part in the field of SEO and some occupied the field of blogging. Blogging requires the content which includes articles and promotional contexts. In this way, they are earning dollars and euros by just investing time in front of computers resulting in the tax-free revenue (in some cases).

In blogging, writers are hired by the clients and paid them according to the quality and quantity of the words. Some quality writers are hired on daily or hourly wages. Writers per hour are skillful and capable of producing quality articles and blogs. Writers per hour produce great content as per your requirements and have a perfect job.

There are two types of person in this field like those who consider themselves as a perfect writer and demands a lot of dollars and the other who consider themselves as weak writers and could not produce quality articles in no time. Actually, Persons of both schools of thoughts are not right. The reason behind is that no one is perfect and perfectly wrong in this field and are found in between the two extremities. Every writer has the capability of creating good writing and what need is to just polish the skills by following certain tips and recommendations to become the best writer.

The most challenging feature in writing when you turn on your system screen and just ogling the blank white area of the Word and thinking about writing something unique and also the biggest challenge arises when you try to sit before your personal computer to start writing on the topic or keyword you have been given.


Below I am going to mention you some most appropriate tips that make you best writer from the better one and will enhance the writing skills that will provide you fame and can boost your business with quality abilities.


Your context should be an excellent piece of writing and should contain the confidence in the thoughts, arguments, visions and reasons you expressed in it. Be confident in your words and avoid overconfidence. Provide innovative ideas and express you are capable and active in this sphere.


Conciseness and clearly statements should be the feature of your writing. Paragraphs and statements, you provide in the content short be short and effective to convey the complete message. Keep in your mind that you have a thrust to get reader’s attraction on your writing which can be lost by a click of a red button.

So, try to be conventional straightforward. Your content should be the differentiator and provide the contrast in your views. Try to raise questions about your writing and allow readers to detect answer on their own and then provide a brief answer from your side. Make sure you have answered all the questions you have made in the context. Try to avoid making assumptions about the reader’s knowledge.

Revision of your written work is the important means of making your article clear and concise. It is recommended to revise your work after taking a short break because resuming the work after sometimes you will easily detect your excess statements and it will be easier for you to edit with the fresh mind. It does not mean that you summarize your content up to quarter times because that will be the wastage of time and resources for a good writer. Writers per hour have limited time so they need extra efficiency to meet the need.


Another important feature that should be in the best writer is that he should have the capability to express his words by using images and pictures. Pictures can describe more than words and readers are more fascinated with the articles having attractive images. The writers who are not using this technique are highly recommended to put this skills in your content. This will lead them from better to best writers.

An adequate way of selecting and posting images should be followed. Excess and irrelevant images would be considered as an advertisement which may become the irritation for them and readers will only focus on your images rather than the words from which you were trying to convince them. If not do so your motive for being the best writer would be no more.


Making your content on top searches is different but ensuring the production of articles of high quality is a different approach. The title may inspire readers and they may access your post but what will please them if you have an excellent quality of the text that readers desire from you.

In order to improve quality in your writing, you must get rid of the problem of making errors which includes grammatical mistakes, usage of irrelevant clauses, deficiency in depth and repetition of words and sentences.


Writing is not all about start typing unanimously, a good writing especially in content writing, there is a proper theme or topic on which writers write and convey the information which the client needed from him. The article should be similar or related to your business and provide all the features in it in a concise manner.

Sometimes content does not mean to be informative only. Business or promotional content writing would also be an interesting matter for readers and would be the perfect ambassador for the promotion of your brand or business.


Attachment of quotations and sayings of philosophers or highly experienced professionals that matched with the themes will provide extra weight to the content and would be eye-catching for readers.


Try to write a blog or article that would be evergreen for a long time and stays on top of the searches. Sustainability of content simply makes the stable public views and trending over an extended period.


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