Top Four SEO Mistakes That You Should Stop Following

by | May 28, 2018 | Technology Featured

A proven SEO strategy can help you tap into the demanding online market. In the same way, one wrong step can be a huge setback to your business. An in-depth content that is backed up by data and statistics can solve any problem and promote your posts. The strategies are pretty basic but getting it wrong is easier than ever too. You need to know the SEO myths to improve the search traffic and the rankings on the website.

The Following Are The Top SEO Myths That You Need To Stop Believing In Right Now:

1. Keyword targeting is now irrelevant

Google Hummingbird has modified the way businesses deliver content but that in no way means those keywords have lost their popularity. The keywords and Anchor Text Guide still show up on the first page of Google and that indicates that keywords have still not lost their significance. The change that Hummingbird algorithm brought in was that the websites should now know the reason behind using particular keywords and creation of content centered on the keyword. Keywords are significant because they let you know the user’s intent.

2. XXL sitemap is substantial to boost search rankings

There is a common notion that XXL sitemap is one of the major keys to increasing the search rankings for any website. Rather, to create a crawl-able site, an XML sitemap is an absolute necessity. The XML sitemap is highly useful as every time you edit a post or create a new post, the sitemap generator creates an updated sitemap with the new pages and submits it to search engines like Google and others. It should take no more than 14 minutes for Google to index new web pages using XML sitemaps.

3. Meta tags do not matter

The Meta tags are one of the HTML tags that come in between closing and opening head tags. They are the ones search engines use to show snippets of particular web pages in the search results. The Meta tags are optional page elements but they help in directing the search engines as without them Google will start drawing text from anywhere in the page body as a snippet. This is one of the main reasons why it makes sense for you to spend time on them. It helps in telling the search engines about the subject area of your website.

4. You need to utilize Meta robots tag to specify the indexed pages

There is a Robots.txt file that tells the bots of the search Engine about the sections of the site that must be crawled and indexed and the ones to ignore. You only need to go through the hassle of Meta robots tag when you want to make certain pages private. The Robot.txt file can be used to block all the web crawlers from the content, a specific webpage, or certain folder. Bother with all of these only when you need to and if you feel no need to make certain pages private, save your time and use it to do other things of more importance.

You need to check if your website suffers from any of these top four SEO mistakes. If the answer is yes, then it is time to change your strategies as soon as possible to make sure that you are ahead of your competition.


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