What are Online Casinos and why they are becoming so popular and in some case addictive

by | May 30, 2018 | Entertainment Feature

With the help of top experts in the industry we have done an inquest to learn more about online casinos popularity, how they work and what is the best way to engage with them.

There are a huge amount of online casinos out there and the reason why they are becoming more and more popular it is not only because they allow you to play from the comfort of your home but is because they are offering a huge convenience if compared with land-based casino.

The reason is simple and it is down to land based casino having higher operating costs compared with online casinos. This is why to attract and retain players, online casinos have been able to offer higher payouts and lucrative bonuses to new and existing players. In addition to that, since everything is based on software, online casino are now able to offer hundreds and hundreds of games which includes video slots, table games, video pokers, live games and many more. This make sure that the experience for the player will always be fresh.

As we can see on a casino aggregator site Casino Biggest Bonus there are new casino brands that are born every day. This is surely a good sign for players as the competition will eventually mean more offers however it can be a bit confusing especially for beginners that are trying to figure out what is the best online casino to open an account with. This is why there are lots of casino aggregators sites that are trying to make life easier for players by reviewing all the online casino offers and suggest the ones that have better reputation. Most online casinos are nowadays fully regulated by top jurisdictions like the UK Gambling Commission.

In addition to online casinos there are now also mobile casinos. With the mobile technology that has evolved massively in recent years, casino games can now be played with same quality also on smartphones and tabled devices. Even though not all online casinos are offering a full scope of casino games on mobile devices, the majority do they are able to offer a great mobile gaming experience wherever you are.

In addition to providing offers another way of retaining customers is to offer a very good customer support. This is why the leading online casinos have invested heavily in securing numerous support options to their players. Support agents can be reached in many different ways and normally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The best online casino also allow players to get in touch immediately with the agents by having live chat functionalities.

But let’s take now a deeper look at bonuses and promotions and how those are structured.

Online Casino Bonuses and promotions

As mention the competition online is really fierce and it is not a surprise to see that although many new online casinos are born every week, many are disappearing as fast. Eventually they are all fighting for players numbers and one of the best way to push those up is by offering bonuses and promotions. Acquiring new players is important although offers need to be transparent so to win trust and loyalty which will ensure a long-term winning strategy for an online casino.

There are many different ways that are used by online casino operators to reward new and existing players however the most common are: Free Spins, Deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, cashback offers and other competitions like tournaments.

A welcome bonus or a welcome package bonus is normally used to attract new customers and allow them to try the platform without incurring into significant costs. A welcome bonus is normally more than just a bonus and it is structured in tiers. The majority of online casinos for example might offer a 100% deposit match bonus and additional bonus for ever subsequent deposit. But let’s look in more details at the different typology of bonuses so that it will be easier to understand what they mean:

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus can change depending on the type of game a players is willing to play. For example a welcome bonus can be offered to play online slots or to play a table games. Normally with any bonus there are also wagering requirements that would need to be met before the player will be able to withdraw any of their winnings. Wagering requirements are set by each individual casino and it is important to check those before claiming the bonus to avoid a disappointment later down the line.

No Deposit Bonus

Another very popular bonus offered by the online casinos in the world are the no deposit bonuses. The reason why those types of bonuses are very popular it is easy to understand as the name says there is no deposit required in order to get this kind of bonus. This is obviously a very generous promotion however similarly to any other bonuses there will be wagering requirements attached which means that players will have to meet them before being able to cash out. Normally the wagering requirements of a no-deposit bonus are significantly higher than normal welcome bonuses so to ensure that bonus frauds risks are minimised from the operators point of view.

Progressive jackpot games

As mentioned below online casinos can do bonuses that are limited only to certain games. This is the case for progressive jackpot games bonuses that are only valid on progressive slots. In this case when a player will meet the requirements of a bonus they will be normally able to withdraw their winnings. Normally however a small deposit might be required before this is possible but all the information will be available in the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Refer a Friend

As mentioned online casinos are keen to secure more players and they do normally offer a refer a friend bonus. Normally both the friend and the introducer can benefit from this bonus however this will depend from the online casino promotion terms.

Cashback Bonus

Casino can also offer player cashback bonuses. Even if those bonuses are not so popular as the other bonuses we have seen, they are normally very advantageous for players. They are normally done in the form of a percentage depending on player’s losses in previous gaming activities.

Comp points

Another way that online casino bonuses tend to reward players is by offering something called ‘comp points’ or ‘player points’. Those points are normally earned by players when placing real money wagers on games that are in the casino. Once the player will reach a certain amount they will be able to convert them into cash or various prices. Even if the amount of points awarded per wager is normally quite small if you play for a long period of time than the amount can become significantly bigger. Online casinos can also offer to VIP players also some bonus programmes and this is to retain loyalty.

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