What Makes A Good Acoustic Guitar Pickup

by | May 30, 2018 | Technology Featured

If you’ve been thinking of adding an acoustic guitar pickup to your guitar, but you really don’t know how to go about things, this article will offer you several tips and tricks that should get you started. These days, there are a broad array of pickup styles that can cater for a wide range of sounds, as well as play styles.

Of course, as is the case with any other components for a musical instrument you might be interested in purchasing, your budget also has to be taken into account. Let’s look at some of the aspects you ought to consider if you want something that’s truly worth the effort and the money.

Start with the type

As you might have guessed, pickups can be split up into several categories, even though those we will be tackling are acoustic. Each and every pickup system can come with both pros and cons, and you should take the time to evaluate your expectations and requirements and even check some other users’ reviews before making your final call.

Undersaddle models

The undersaddle variant is typically mounted under the bridge plate. The six piezo crystals that the device is outfitted with are capable of picking up the sounds from the strings of your guitar, and they are then passed on in the form of electric signals either to a preamp or to a sound system of your choice.

Two of the main reasons you should consider this alternative is that it is budget-friendly and easy to install. Obviously, rookies should always look for affordable options to make sure that they don’t risk spending their money unwisely.

The downside to choosing this type of pickup is that it isn’t capable of receiving the full range of your instrument’s sound. It might perform well if you play in a band as it will blend in with the rest of the sounds, but it might not be the best for solo performances.

Magnetic pickups

Being mounted either under the strings or over the soundhole, the magnetic pickup provides the advantage of being easy to set up. Many guitar players say that this variation is the best when it comes to the value it offers for the money. The neat thing about it is that it’s able to capture the sound of the guitar’s strings and select a response for each of them.

The sound is electric since they’re magnetic, so they’re quite popular with guitarists that prefer a more electric sound. The acoustic quality of the guitar will have to lose, though, and that’s something you should consider.

What about a contact pickup?

The difference between the other types we’ve talked about and this one is that the contact pickup doesn’t capture the sound from the strings. Instead, it does so from the whole soundboard. The downside is that they are somewhat difficult to install, and that’s why you might have to consider hiring someone to do it. Trying to do it yourself might result in permanent damage to your instrument.

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