Which vacuum cleaner is best for home?

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The Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home Use

Do you want your home to be sparkling clean? It is a no-brainer that everyone wants their place to look clean and fabulous. There are a lot of bacteria and germs under the carpet and sofa but we miss out on those because these fall under the corners of the home.

A good vacuum cleaner for home is a necessity. You are here for a reason and we know it! You are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for home. Buying a new vacuum cleaner for home use could be a tough task because there are many products available on the market. It is given that you will get confused and find it difficult to narrow down the choices.

If you are looking for the best item in the market, you have landed on the right page. We have listed top vacuum cleaners 2018 just for you! There is a lot of misleading information available online but this post will help you to narrow down the choices.

Additionally, we have a quick buying guide for you! This helps you to make an informed decision and educate you as a new buyer! In a nutshell, you will find all information that you are looking for regarding best vacuum cleaner 2018!

Buying Guide for Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner for home is different from ones used commercially. Your shopping choice really depends on a type of cleaning that you do. If you have stairs in your house or apartment, you must buy a device with a canister.

If there are a lot of rugs and carpets in your home, a gadget with a bag would be sufficient. Since it is for domestic use, you would need it for lighter tasks. The hand-held and stick devices are great for light tasks.

If you are thinking of buying vacuum cleaner robot, you must know that it is a type of set it and forget it item.

There are 6 types of vacuums which we have listed below. Take a look!

  1. Canister
  2. Upright
  3. Stick
  4. Robotic
  5. Hand-held
  6. Central

For quick surface cleaning, the hand-held ones are better. For stair floor and bares, you can opt for the canister one. If you have a lot of carpets in a house/apartment and want something cheaper than canister ones then the upright one is the right choice.

Some people look for portability as they have a storage problem. The robotic one could be a brilliant option because it falls under the category of small vacuum cleaner for home.

Stick ones are light-weight and easy to use. When you wish to clean a dirty floor, the stick ones are the best ones to use. If you are looking for a portable vacuum cleaner for home, stick type is ideal choice.

Always check features of a product before you buy it. Does sound bother you? A canister type makes lesser noise. Also, it is important to compare the price in the market and online. Watch out for sales to get the best vacuum deals!

The Best Vacuums for Your Home

Let us cut to chase and discuss the best products in the markets. We live in a world where there is a lot of competition. Since it is a technologically advanced world, you would find too many products which have endless features.

The best washing vacuum cleaner depends on the usage as to what you wish to clean! The best wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home includes products from Dyson, Morphy Richards, Hoover, and Shark.

Speaking of Dyson, the vacuum cleaner Dyson is considered to be the best in the market. The brand offers many items which are effective for use. You can find many variants from this brand.

We have listed our favorites and these are carefully picked just for you! We do not want you to invest in the wrong product.

  • The Big Ball upright cleaner by Dyson

This is a star! Most of the buyers loved the product as it allows you to clean floors and carpets with ease. There are many people, who suffer from conditions like asthma and they require an ideal device. This is an ideal product because it seals all the dirt and none of it travels in the air.

  • Shark Navigator Lift Away

It has a lot of value! This lightweight yet powerful product is getting a lot of attention due to its efficiency. It is ideal for families who are looking for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home. The product is easy to operate and assemble. You do not have to be a genius to operate this! Whether it is bare floors or carpet, the product is efficient to clean all the dirt. There is a detachable canister which allows you to reach places where it is difficult to gain access.

  • Dyson V7

This product is lightweight but that does not mean that it lacks power. The product is battery-powered and it can run for about 30 minutes. It is cordless which means you can freely move around the room and clean carpets and bare floors.

  • iRobot’s Roomba 560

If you are too busy to clean up the mess, get iRobot’s Roomba 260. This robotic gadget can reach the hard-to-reach places and even clean area under the bed. It does not require you to move around as it moves between rooms on its own. The only help it takes from you is emptying the dust tray.

Takeaway Advice for Novices

Did you enjoy reading this post? Share it with your friends and family as they might be looking for an efficient cleaner. Save them from making a bad choice because everyone is trying to sell their products but not every product is the best!

Make sure that you check all the features before buying. Always remember that you need to buy a cleaner which is ideal for your type of use!


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