7 Fun Mobile Games to Play in 2018

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Entertainment Feature

Over the past few years mobile games grew greatly in popularity. In fact, mobile gaming has taken over the game industry, hitting $70.3 billion in revenues in 2018, which accounts for 51 per cent of all gaming revenues. Tendencies show that mobile games and gambling apps for mobile will continue to grow in popularity.

As the mobile game market is such a profitable one, it is natural for game developers to want to get a piece of it. That is why the number of available mobile games keeps on increasing every day. There is one downside, though – with so many games being available on app stores, it becomes more and more difficult for players to find high quality games with enticing plots. That is where we come – we have gathered a list of fun games to play in 2018. Download and try for yourself, we guarantee you will not regret it.

  • 1. Island Delta

An exciting adventure game sprinkled with action, Island Delta is one of the most successful Noodlecake games. Heroes Zoe and Baxter have to defeat enemies, solve puzzles and overcome difficult challenges against a retro futuristic background. The ultimate goal – to defeat Doctor Gunderson.

Island Delta is the perfect choice for people who like action games, but it will also be embraced by  puzzle games fans as well. The game can be purchased on app stores for $2.99.

  • 2. Monument Valley

To be honest, it does not matter whether you choose Monument Valley 1 or 2, as both games have exquisite graphics, appealing plot and user-friendly design. In Monument Valley 1 princess Ida has to hurry and ask for forgiveness, and players must help her. Different levels are completed by solving complex puzzles.

What players will find intriguing about the game is its amazing design, inspired by various architectural styles. Monument Valley 1 is sold for $3.99, whereas the second part of the game is sold for $4.99.

  • 3. Minecraft

One of the world’s most popular games, Minecraft is a game for all ages. Minecraft’s pixelated design might not be your favourite thing, but apart from that the game is really amazing. Mine things, build stuff, defeat enemies – actually, do whatever you want, just as long as you have the resources for it.

Adventurers will find the Survival mode particularly appealing, as in it players have to hunt for their own food and mine resources. Creative types will find the Creative mode more tempting, as it provides players with resources and food so that they can focus on building elaborate buildings.

Minecraft comes at the price of $6.99, and there is also an in-app store which lets players purchase additional skins and the like.

  • 4. Lucky Numbers Keno

With its user-friendly design, this Keno game will make players feel as if they are playing at one of Vegas’s casinos. Lucky Numbers Keno has five available themes. There are various daily bonuses and even an auto-play feature as well. On top of all, the online multiplayer platform lets players challenge other players and win big.

While it may be true that the game’s design is not an absolute perfection, the game certainly works well. Moreover, it is free to download, and players can wager anything from $0.01 to $1 million.

  • 5. Gemini Rue

Styled in the same way as Blade Runner or Beneath a Steel Sky, Gemini Rue wins us hands down with its captivating plot. Even though its graphics are great, too, it is exactly the game plot that has made Gemini Rue such a remarkable success.

As the game develops set against a sci-fi background, the story of two tortured souls unfolds. Delta-Six, a Center 7 facility resident whose memory has been erased, and Azriel Odin, a deceiving police officer with a dark past, who searches for his long-disappeared friend.

Gemini Rue can be purchased on app-stores for $4.99.

  • 6. Dead Or Alive

A Western-themed slot game, Dead Or Alive provides players with a chance to win big. Billy the Kid and Jesse James are included, so do not think twice – join the energetic outlaws right away!

A great feature of Dead Or Alive is the Free Spins bonus feature, which is triggered when three gun symbols land on the reels, regardless of their position.

Additionally, Dead Or Alive awards new players with 12 free spins and the chance to win a lot of money. With top-notch graphics and enticing plot, Dead Or Alive will appeal to every slot fan.

  • 7. Super Mario Run

This game is designed after games like Rayman Run and features the beloved Mario character. Help Mario collect coins as he runs forward by tapping the screen. This may sound way too simple, but Nintendo has sprinkled the gameplay with various challenges.

Super Mario comes at the price of $9.99, get it and you will not regret it.

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