Awesome Things You Can Do With a Drone

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Technology Featured

It is with no doubt that drones are growing popular every day, and drone companies are producing better drones with different capabilities daily. There are very many awesome things that you can do with a drone and here is a list of them in case you are planning on buying one.

1. Participate in drone races

If you are a great fan of drones and have a really souped up drone that you would like to show off, participating in drone races is a great idea. You can test your skills and also the abilities of your drone. There are drone leagues for both amateur and professional players with even a high payoff that can change your drone flying from a hobby to a career. Drone racing is a fast growing sport, and you can be a part of it if you are a great drones fan.

2. Take wedding photos using your drones

Drones can take great aerial pictures which makes them great for weddings. All you need to do is buy a drone with a good camera or a drone that has a mount to fit your camera, and you will be able to take fantastic wedding photos using it.

3. Look over your property

Drones can hover around a large area, and also access remote areas which makes them an excellent choice to look over your property. You can fly your drone over your farm and get a good aerial view of everything that is happening on your land.

4. Synchronized Drone Dancing

Synchronized drone dancing is an exciting venture for drone fanatics. All you need to do is get some drones together fit them with LED lights and fly them together to create beautiful patterns. Participating in this sport can be complicated and also expensive, but it has a great payoff.

5. Journalism

Since drones can be used to capture images and videos at the highly remote areas, they are great for journalism as you can use them for news to capture pictures and live videos of places inaccessible areas such as flooded areas, and forest fires.

6. Take holiday photos

Holiday photos can be enhanced by the use of drones to capture clear pictures creating a twist and capturing more details in your holiday photos. You can do this with an Action Camera Drone which is a smart drone that can follow you as you enjoy spending your holiday doing your favorite activities such as bicycle riding, hiking, kayaking and many more. You can check Top Drones Under 150 to find the best drones for these activities available in the market.

7. Capturing amazing videos

Aerial videos are undeniably breathtaking. Using helicopters to capture aerial videos is very expensive and thanks to drones invention, drones help us get the same fantastic videos in a very cheap way. Thanks to the new technology we can now get very high-quality videos with the help of high video quality cameras mounted on the drones.

8. Training companion

Drones can be of great help when it comes to training or jogging while you are in the field by yourself; This is made possible by the use of a unique tracker bracelet which is worn by the person training then the drone follows the person wearing the bracelet. It will also help you security wise.

9. Wildlife research and monitoring

Drones fitted with infrared cameras can be used to help in the wildlife monitoring and research by following up and tracking wild animals. Drones can fly at high altitude to make them undetectable by the animals which makes them an excellent choice for this job.

10. Examining rooftop damages at your home

You can fit your drone with a camera and fly it above your rooftop to check for damages and leakages, Being able to have an aerial view of your roof, you will be able to locate the areas that require repairs.

11. Chase tornadoes

There are some powerful and smart drones like the Tempest UAV which can get close to a tornado to capture the footage. The air pressure supports the moisture, temperatures and the wind speed sensors mounted on the drone which makes it very useful for researchers to learn about the tornadoes and hurricane without having to risk their lives.

14. Hobby flying

Flying drones is a great and fun way to spend time both individually and with your friends. If you love drones, you are sure to have fun flying your drone as a hobby. You can take pictures of your environment as you hover your drone around you which is an excellent way to spend your free time.

15. Drones for Shooting Commercials

Creating commercials nowadays have been made simpler and classier with the use of drones. From taking videos of cars on the track to the field trainers, drones can capture images at great angles which makes them a great asset in creating commercials and are most likely to take over any video related ads in the future.

16.Using drones to fly banners and adverts

Have you ever seen a plane flying with a banner or an advert on its tail? Well, drones can do this too and at an incredibly low price as compared to an aircraft since they will not consume fuel as planes do, and you can do fly them yourself.

17. Film live events and sports

Drones can be used to capture videos of major sports events like skiing competitions, rally races, and marathon races among many more since they can hover around a relatively large area. They are convenient and can maneuver fast enough to capture images that would be otherwise difficult to obtain without using them.

18. Search and rescue

Drones can be used for search and rescue missions since they can hover around inaccessible areas and capture videos and pictures of the accident scene. They have been helpful in saving lives as well as finding lost vessels or aircrafts around the world over time.

With the many impressive ways in which you can use drones to do awesome things, it is essential that you research on the type of drone before purchasing so that you make an investment that will always impress you every time you operate it. It is also crucial for first-time drone operators to learn about how to fly them, and also about the rules and regulations governing drone flying.

Drone models nowadays are quite easy to operate even for the non-experienced since their technology has improved with time. Drones are really fun and cool but what is cooler is the lots of fun activities you can do with them whether you are alone or with your friends. The drone technology has one simple description for sure; The future.

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