Discover the Beauty of the Arts in Sharjah

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Travel Featured

Whether you’re a young professional exploring Sharjah for the first time or you’re an experienced world traveler discovering hidden gems tucked away in the city, you’ll love learning about art and culture when you’re spending time in Sharjah. In addition to having incredible educational options for children of all ages, Aljada has some fantastic choices for discovering new and interesting art displays and artists. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Extensive Murals

One of the most wonderful aspects of exploring a new city is discovering a beautiful piece of art you weren’t expecting to see. Aljada offers you this with extensive murals sprinkled throughout the community. Take a moment to stop and look at the murals you see. These gorgeous pieces of art will give you unique insight into what makes Aljada so unique and enjoyable.

  • Striking Street Art

What better way to spend an afternoon than walking around with a friend or family member? You can grab some delicious food and then explore the many different street art projects and displays throughout Aljada. Street art is a fun way to learn about a new community and culture. It also gives you a chance to ponder what message the artist is trying to convey through their unique art style. Many street artists create work that reflects on either the past or cultural events that currently interest the community.

  • Exciting Sculptures

If you prefer a more traditional approach to art, you may enjoy discovering an assortment of sculptures in Aljada. Sculptures may take years to perfect and typically express powerful emotions regarding the subject of the art. Grab a friend and spend an afternoon exploring the different sculptures. Don’t be afraid to discuss what they mean or what pieces of history they might represent.

  • Galleries

For art lovers, nothing completes an enjoyable day of viewing different projects than visiting a gallery. Did you know that Aljada offers a variety of different galleries for your viewing pleasure? Whether you’re looking for art by an experienced and well-respected artist or you prefer art that’s been developed by new and up-and-coming artists, it’s possible to find something you’ll love and enjoy right in Aljada. Art galleries are a wonderful way to learn more about the world around you in a calm, relaxing environment. Take some time to learn about the history of Sharjah and to appreciate its community by visiting an art gallery.

Visit Aljada to discover more incredible cultural experiences that are waiting for you. Whether you want to eat a delicious meal, join in a community event, or spend an afternoon enjoying some beautiful art, Aljada has something for everyone. Visit today.

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