How A Serviced Office Can Benefit Businesses

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Business Feature

Firstly, what is a serviced office? It is a work space which is owned and ran by a company, who rent it out to other businesses. It can either be a single room, or an entire building. Essentially it can be whatever a business needs it to be. Even though serviced office rents tend to be higher than average, in the long run they come with a lot of benefits.

Less Risk

Renting out an office space is an expense no matter how long the company has been established for. Traditionally, a building lease lasts three to five years. Whereas serviced offices leases are offered on a monthly basis. This is particularly useful for start-ups as they only have to pay for as long as they’re in the space. ¬†They can forgo the risk of signing a long lease, just in case their new venture fails within the first few months. Also a serviced office can save initial costs in terms of the set up as it’s already been done.

Time Saving

Creating or moving into a new working space takes a lot of time and effort. This can be frustrating for any business. With the help of a serviced office, people can get to work straight away as the space is already available. Plus cleaning and catering tend to be included with most serviced office packages so that can save even more time in terms of hiring staff. ¬†This also saves money as the business doesn’t have to worry about paying for maintenance or food.


A serviced office can be exactly what each individual business wants. They can rent out the exact space they need, be that a single meeting room or an entire office block. For instance, BE Offices can offer one to 100 desks for a business. This is perfect for expanding businesses which need the extra room to grow, they can get more space as and when they need it.


The main priority for serviced office providers is to make sure the work space is the best it can be. Their job is to look after the office itself so the business can thrive. They’ll provide fast internet connections, reliable telephone lines and durable furniture. Potentially their spaces they’re renting out could get through a lot of businesses so they need to make they’re up for the job. Serviced offices are becoming more and more popular within the entrepreneurial world.

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