Millennial Males Cause Plastic Surgery Boom

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Health Featured

Millennial males are leading the way in terms of plastic surgical procedures, with 31% of men saying they were extremely likely to consider a cosmetic procedure(surgical or non-invasive) in a poll undertaken by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Among this 31%, 58% were aged 25 to 34, and 34% were aged 18 to 24 – both within the millennial age range.  Eyelid surgery, liposuction, and rhinoplasties are just a few of the many surgeries men are seeking out in an attempt to turn back the hands of time and remain competitive in the corporate game.

Why the newfound interest in plastic surgery?

The rise of social media is one reason for the growing interest in body image and appearance. Men themselves cite three main reasons for surgery: the wish to look younger, the need to look less tired or stressed, and finally, wanting to keep their partners happy. Plastic surgeons also say that younger generations are seeing surgery as a powerful marketing tool. Research indicates that an attractive (or at least professional) appearance can seal the deal when it comes to promotions, and men are worried about being passed up in favor of competitors because of their appearance.

Common procedures for men

Themost common plastic surgery proceduresfor men are eyelid rejuvenation (mainly targeting ‘droopy eyelids’), neck lift (which removes excess skin or fat in the neck area), rhinoplasty (which reshapes the nose in an aim to create greater proportion), chin augmentation (to augment the lower jaw projection and lend the face greater masculinity),  and liposuction (which aims to produce a more desirable silhouette). Some men have gynecomastia surgery to remove excess fat and skin from the breast area. Less popular but definitely experiencing a surge in interest is penile surgery, which aims to lengthen and (in some cases) widen the penis through surgery and fat fillers, respectively. To lengthen the penis, a ligament inside the penis that holds it at a certain angle is cut, to reveal greater length.

Alternatives to surgery

Fillers and Botox are growing in popularity among men, as are non-invasive body reshaping solutions such as CoolSculpting – a non-invasive ‘fat freezing’ procedure that produces similar results to liposuction and which is ideal for stubborn fat such as can be found in the belly. While exercise and a sound diet can achieve desired effects for many men, others can find that fat can be very resistant – for instance, in the double chin area or in the waist.

Men who are unhappy with issues in their body or face are no longer ‘grinning and bearing it’ Cutting-edge techniques such as drainless tummy tucks and water jet liposuction mean that surgery is much safer than in the past and also involves less downtime. If you would like to make a change, see a reputable plastic surgeon and make sure to discuss non-surgical alternatives such as fillers and fat freezing, which may provide the results you need without the need to take time off work or alter your usual schedule.

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