NBN Fixed Wireless – Is it For You?

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Technology Featured

Are you in dire need of an upgrade to your internet connection and wondering about whether NBN fixed wireless plans are the best way to go about it? How is the technology any different from conventional broadband technology that you might already be using and what can you expect out of it? These are good questions and well worth considering. NBN has been out only for a few years, and you would want to make the most out of it.

Your options in an NBN broadband connection

Now the National Broadband Network is changing the way Australians gain access to the internet. Such technology encompasses some different connections that Australians can get under NBN from a fixed line NBN connection to NBN satellite internet plans.

For those in city areas, the NBN Fibre or fixed line connection is most suitable. As the name recommends, it uses fibre optics to move high-speed Internet signals to subscribers. Families located in remote and remote areas can access NBN through a dish antenna installed in the properties. Some NBN company firms also call this NBN Sky Muster satellite.

Lastly, some families lie in between– not as close as homes in urban locations, but not too far compared to those in remote areas. These families are most suited for NBN fixed wireless connections. In many cases, this is the type of connection NBN companies recommend as it presents a good balance between cost and performance. A fixed wireless connection is typically not as expensive as that of a fixed line connection and not as slow either as it offers more than enough internet speed for average users.

What are the benefits of the NBN fixed wireless connection?

More dependable and should not be confused with current mobile internet technology

Mobile signals become unsteady and undependable since the variety of receivers frequently change from time to time. With NBN fixed wireless, the tower will send out Internet signals only to a particular number of customers.

Internet connection begins at speeds up to 12Mbps. This is quite good for a wireless broadband connection, and more than enough to support extensive data uses such as gaming, and video streaming. Just make sure you have sufficient data allowance. To help your usage requirements.

Minimal viability requirements

The only requirement for a fixed wireless connection is that the antenna set up in the family needs to have a direct line of vision to the transmission tower producing the signals. Speed is more than enough for the average user and if your primary activities on the Internet are surfing, research, social media and streaming music or videos, then you should not have any problems with an NBN fixed wireless connection.

Fixed wireless NBN strategies are the second best when it concerns Internet speed as offered by the NBN program. If you just learnt that your household is not amongst those appropriate for fixed line connection, then a fixed wireless NBN plan is the next best thing and well worth considering.

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