Rare animals that make great pets

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We all have an individual preference when it comes to pets. While some people adore reptiles, others love rodents. For this reason, you should select a pet that you cherish so that you can give it the care that it needs. We will focus on cute animals in different categories that people still consider as pets.


For a long time, people reared pigs as a source of income and not as pets. This, however, changed when we discovered that a pig can also be a source of companionship. These cute animals are adorable creatures that are friendly to man. We will view some unique pigs that are now kept as pets.

Teacup Pigs

Unlike the average pig, this is a small kind that needs proper attention from its owner. Two teacup pigs are better than rearing one since they need a friend around when you are busy working. They weigh between 75 to 200 pounds and have small features such as a short snout, tail, and little ears.

Kune Kune pig

What makes this pig different is its gold colored skin that is hairy. Your children will love playing with this pig since it is friendly and easy to get along with humans. Its ability to survive up to 20 years makes this animal an ideal pet for your family.

The tassels on their lower jaw make them unique creatures. They also have a pot tummy and appear plump which makes them adorable. Their upturned nose is shorter than other pigs. You can get a Kune Kune in different colors. You will also find its maintenance easy.


Some children find rodents exciting for pets as they are playful and active animals. Since the category is broad, it is crucial for you to get the right rodent for your household. They vary in size, characters as well as how to take care of them. Some cute animals in this category include:

Guinea pigs

We can all agree that these little tailless rodents are irresistible. With a weight of fewer than three pounds, your child will not give it a minute to stay down. Their roman noses and beautiful round eyes make it look elegant while the ears remind you of petals from a rose.

This rodent is social and enjoys a nice cuddle making it suitable for a pet. They can go up to 8 years and enjoy areas with sufficient ventilation. Their brilliance enables them to connect with an owner easily.


Another rodent that stands out from the list of pretty animals is a hamster. This little animal can be gold, cinnamon, sable or cream in color. What we found curious from this pet is that their large eyes seem to be bigger than their overall size. They have short hair and a pink nose and lips.


If you need a pet that is too easy to maintain, check out a reptile. Unlike others, these do not require constant attention and high maintenance. They are also unique pets that not many people explore. You can find a suitable reptile to pet even with a busy schedule. Some of the cute animals in this categories are as follows:


The mystery behind a tortoise is enough to make you want it for a pet. This has a unique way of interacting with you, different from regular pets. Most tortoises are relatively small ranging from 8 to 10 inches.  Their hard shells and scaly legs make them beautiful.

The ability of this reptile to fold itself in its shell from predators give you something different to observe from this pet. From the extended family of tortoises, the Russian tortoise stands out. It requires very little maintenance since you don’t have to keep on supplying water for it. It absorbs most of the moisture from the food it consumes.

Pigmy chameleon

Get fascinated by a camouflaging reptile that leaves you staring for a while. It is not common to see an animal that adapts the color of a surrounding right? The various skin pigmentations of this reptile enhance its ability to change colors.

These reptiles are smaller than the average chameleon. In fact, scientists report that they are among the smallest vertebrates existing. Two pigmy chameleons would coexist perfectly in your home cage. Unlike other reptiles, this is an ideal pet due to its calm and gentle nature. Their lifespan ranges between one and three years.

Aquatic pets

For water lovers, you can enjoy an aquatic animal right from your home. There are several water creatures that you can choose to decorate your house. Though most people prefer fish as aquatic pets, others love experimenting with other aquatic creatures that are easy to maintain. Let us look at both categories.


These 6-inch aquatic pets look glamorous from a distance. They come in various shades of colors such as silver, white or yellow. We cannot get enough of their angular shapes and exotic patterns. Slanted anal fins make them different from other types of fish. If you look keenly, you will notice that an angelfish has vertical lines along its eyeballs.

Rearing an angelfish is easy as long as you don’t place them with other kinds of fish since they are territorial. You can, however, use an even number of angelfish for your water tank since they form a habit of pairing.


Discover this cute animal that makes every day a learning experience. Having a shrimp as a pet will broaden your creativity and make you appreciate God’s creatures. Some of the most common types include blue shrimps, ghost as well as cherry. They have muscular abdomens, extended whiskers as well as thin legs.

It is more active than a fish, thus more fun to pet. Unlike fish, you can be assured that your tank will always be clean of leftovers as they are active in picking food bits. You will never get bored observing how these creatures naturally breed without needing assistance.

Final thoughts

From the above, we can learn that you can have a unique pet that is not common in every other family.  Discover which category entices you more and make your pet enjoy a different surrounding from its original habitat.

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