Secrets of baking the cakes

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One of the delicious items, which anyone would like to have anytime, is cake and people love to have if they make it themselves.If you have not put your hands in baking before then it is necessary to know some of the secrets of baking. After getting experience, one can make their profession a passion. Here are the secrets that are definitely going to help in cake making and improving your skills.

  • Pre-made mixes are available for sending cakes online Pune but if on one hand, they have advantages then on the other hand, they have several disadvantages. It is very difficult to mix them and even after eating, it is difficult to have in stomach. So to avoid this heaviness, one can add meringue powder in it. Meringue powder helps to get rid of the heaviness from the cake.One can easily get this powder from the baking stores or from the supermarkets. A light cake can be dry and difficult to eat. So as to avoid it, one can add unsweetened apple sauce in the cake at the place of oil. Oil is much lighter than the unsweetened applesauce and it makes attractive to the guests who are having looks at the cake.
  • Cakes include eggs and honey which are very sticky and it is actually very messy to deal with the sticky ingredients. As these messy and sticky ingredients stick to the fingers, spoons and bowl of the cake which makes it difficult to mix the ingredients of the cake. So always apply non sticky cooking spray so as to avoid the messiness and stickiness of the ingredients like honey and egg but always follow this step before pouring the egg and honey. So by following this step, it would be easier for you to make the cake without any mess.
  • Just like the sticky ingredients, it is difficult to deal with the cold ingredients. As there is need of sticks of butter and eggs cold butter sticks are difficult to deal with because it is difficult to mix them in the batter of the cake due their unbreakable nature. Especially it is very difficult to deal with the cold ingredients in the winters. So as to avoid it, always remove the butter sticks and egg sticks from the refrigerator before making the cake. If the batter is cold, so keep it in the microwave for ten to twelve seconds before mixing the batter.
  • A cake should not be overcooked or undercooked. An overcooked cake will burn and undercooked cake will not taste well and may contain some of the non-required bacteria. So as to avoid it, always check the cake by inserting a toothpick in it, if the toothpick comes out cleanly then the cake the cake is perfectly baked and if the toothpick does not comes out cleanly, then it suggests that the cake is undercooked and should be baked more. Do not turn off the microwave instantly before checking the cake.

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