The Christ Embassy Church Congregation Embarks on a Tour to the Holy Land with Pastor Chris

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Religion has been part and parcel of the society for many years. Christians come together in places such as churches with the sole aim of listening to the word of God. The likes of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome have been spreading the word of God for many years. As a church leader, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is charged with making sure that his congregation holds onto the faith that they have always had in God. As a result, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome led the Christ Embassy Church on a tour of the Holy Land. The trip was planned with the primary aim of strengthening the faith of all believers worldwide.

Background Data

The Christ Church Embassy is a famous church. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome serves as the leader of the Christ Embassy Church. As a man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is charged with steering his followers on the right path. As a result, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome saw it fit to engage his followers on a spiritual journey. The spiritual journey entailed visiting Jordan and Israel. Israel and Jordan are filled with many religious sites. During the spiritual journey, the followers of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had the chance to visit the various holy places in Jordan and Israel. The congregation was made up of both Jews and Christians.

Since the Bible serves as a significant reference to both Christians and Jews, during the tour, the congregation visited the various sites following the journey of Christ in the Bible. While undertaking the journey, the congregation was able to walk in the footsteps of Christ. Additionally, they were able to learn from the glory of Christ himself, thereby strengthening their faith.

About the Journey to the Holy Land

The congregation was utterly amazed by the warm welcome that they received upon their arrival to the Holy Land. Both Jews and Christians were glad that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had decided to embark on a journey to the Holy Land together with his followers. The connection that the evangelicals have the Holy Land is quite admirable. As a result, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome saw it fit to enrich the faith of his followers through this spiritual journey to the Holy Land.

Coincidentally, the visit to the Holy Land by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his followers coincided with two exceptional events in Israel. The first event entailed celebrating 70 years of independence, while the second event involved the relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Since Jerusalem serves as the capital of Israel, the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem called for celebrations.

With time, President Donald Trump saw it fit to relocate the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which serves as the capital city of Israel. Such a move illustrated that the US and the international community recognized the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem, and the Holy City in general. Since the relocation of the US Embassy was something to celebrate, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was charged with organizing a celebratory reception.

Many people were invited to the grand celebratory event, including the likes of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome received a very warm welcome graced by various government officials and a variety of people from the Jewish community. Indeed, the hosts were eager to welcome the man of God- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to the glorious event.

Far from the celebrations, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome went on and led the Christ Embassy Church congregation through the eight-day journey through the Holy Land. During the journey, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome led his followers through Abu Gosh, Caesarea, Mount Hertzel, the Sea of Galilee and the Tomb of Lazareth. Also, one group was bestowed with the privilege of even visiting the holy sites in Jordan. Throughout the journey, the locals were also able to witness Pastor Chris Oyakhilome proclaiming the word of God to his congregation and other believers. From the journey to the Holy Land, the congregation was able to empower their faith, and they were able to get closer to God. The memories from the visit to the Holy Land were quite memorable.

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