This is how to stay safe at work as you prevent injuries

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Does your job involve using powerful machines that are prone to causing injuries? Your company may have taken safety measures, but this does not mean that an accident cannot happen. Every year, the cases of work injuries continue to increase around the world. What could be the cause of these?

According to investigators who handle these cases, the cause of most work accidents comes from the manufacturers of the machinery. The people behind the design of equipment sometimes overlook something that can cause an accident. This may not be too accidental since it is a result of the negligence of someone. Today we focus on how to handle work equipment as per regulations set, as well as, causes of accidents and dealing with them.

Common work equipment

Different jobs come with unique work equipment such as saw, elevators, machines for drilling and trolleys. There are also software equipment such as laptops and photocopiers. These materials may seem safe to use but can cause accidents if they have defects.

As an employee, do not underestimate defective equipment. Most accidents that occur at work come with signs that we may overlook. Some of them include broken equipment, disabled machines that are forced to work as well as faulty stop switches on devices.  Such defects indicate an unsafe working environment that requires attention.

What does the law say about work equipment?

According to the provision and use of work equipment, they should be installed safely, maintained regularly and handled by well-trained employees. Employers should offer supervision during operation to help employees learn how to use them.

Various machines are also liable to regular inspections to ensure that the designs used in the manufacturing are safe. Every employee and employer should also observe safety measures by using gears like hats, and gloves at work. Risky equipment should come with warning labels for employees to take precaution while handling them.

Employers should also minimize the risk of accidents by stopping rotating parts of machinery that pose a danger. They should equip the work equipment with effective stop controls that can switch off quickly in case of an emergency.  Your boss should enlighten you on what to do in case of an emergency when operating the machine.

What causes work-related accidents?

There are different causes of accidents at work, but the common ones include:

Lack of sufficient training

In a busy working environment, your employer may not be patient enough to teach you everything about the operation of machines. Most of them only outline the basics and leave you to figure out the rest on your own. Being half-baked on how to use a machine can make you mishandle it, exposing you to the risk of injuries.

 The lack of protective gear

Various machines come with their own rules that most take for granted. Stingy employers who don’t like spending their resources do not provide the necessary protective gear to their employees. They try as much as possible to avoid buying extra helmets or boots according to the number of employees in the company. When you work in a risky site without safety boots, a metal can land on your toes leaving severe damages.

Defects on machines

Some manufacturers do not consider safety features when designing equipment. They may do this to reduce expenses on their side posing a danger on the person who is going to operate it. Such recklessness comes to light once accidents start occurring.

Lack of maintenance

Some employers also often overlook maintenance procedures to prevent the machine from getting faulty. For instance, a pump can go for years without replacement while some metals go without lubrication for a while.

Every equipment needs proper care and monitoring to get rid of accumulation or rust as you replace worn out parts. As the employer, you should conduct repairs regularly to prevent malfunctioning. Risk assessment can also help you keep your machinery safe for use.

Types of work accidents

Work accidents may include forklifts accidents, backhoe injuries, as well as masonry machinery accidents. Boom and crane accidents are also on the rise while some people fall off improperly erected ladders. Any work injury that hinders your ability to work again deserves attention from the legal authorities for compensation after medical intervention

How do you handle a work-related accident?

Report the injury

Do not leave work before reporting the accident to your supervisor or employer. Let them fill out the “first report of injury” form. Go through it to ensure that they provide accurate information as you retain one copy.

Go for medical treatment

A proper medical check-up can help you eliminate any severe conditions caused by a defective machine. Medical insurance can come in handy to help you cover the hospital bills. Take care of the doctor’s records regarding your injury as they can help you with the lawsuit.

Get an attorney

A reputable law firm can help you sue the company as you claim for compensation. They can help you handle the benefit calculations and facilitate court proceeding against suing your employer.


Seek legal funding

Legal funding can help you reduce the time that you have to wait to get your compensation. Such cases may take some time and accepting help from legal funding can save you from applying for a mortgage. They give you a settlement advance in case you need it for pressing needs. It is not a loan and you don’t have to repay it after your case is over.


Long-term rehabilitation can help you recover from a severe work-related accident. Both physical and vocational rehabilitation are effective. You can go through therapy to facilitate healing as vocational rehabilitation enables you to go back to work by providing you with counseling and training. Once you are ready to resume, your employer should make adjustments to increase your comfort at work.

Final thoughts

You can prevent a work-related injury even if you are an employee. Your job should be a safe place since you spend most of your time there. In case an accident has already occurred, follow the procedures above and get compensation.












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