3 Powerful Spying Programs Used For Hacking

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Technology Featured

The invention of cryptocurrency and improved technology may have opened new gates for businesses, but they have also introduced new risks into the business world. The world of the internet is becoming more and more unsafe with each passing day.

If you think that only small companies are under attack then think again. Major companies like Uber and Microsoft are not completely safe either. This gets to show just how powerful some of the hackers and why there is a need for companies to come up with better solutions.

Hackers use different techniques to be able to break into a system. One such technique is the use of hacking software.

Here are three of the most successful spying programs recently used for hacking that you should know about:


Researchers at the University Of California have discovered a rare technique  that hackers have been using to hack into systems. We have heard about keystroking software, but this one has a biological touch to it because it can record thermal residue left on keyboards.

Thermanator is a dangerous technique that can steal passwords, PINS and valuable data from computers in just 30 seconds.

Thermal imaging cameras are used in this technique. For this to work, cameras must capture the keyboard while the password is being typed.

We use so many unknown computers to log into our private accounts. This technology puts a lot of people at risk.


Another deadly spying software that is a military grade spying product is the Pegasus. This software can spy on people from their smartphones. It has the capability of copying contacts, finding the exact location of a person, and can even spying on the user by using the smart phone’s camera.

NSO, an Israeli based company who aids the Israeli government in spying on enemies, developed this software. A former employee of the NSO, not long ago, managed to steal the contents of this software and had almost sold it on the dark web for $50 million.

The employee who happened to be a programmer in the NSO was fired by the company and later on arrested as well for stealing and trying to sell the software.

The buyer tipped him off to the company and was apprehended with not only Pegasus in his possession but other valuable company data as well.

Cryptocurrency Miner Malware

Imagine a malware that can mine cryptocurrency, wicked right? Kaspersky researchers, Egor and Orkhan discovered a rare kind of malware that can mine cryptocurrencies.

The malware acts as a downloader and helps to mine cryptocurrency and also encrypt files. This becomes a potent companion for hackers who deal in ransom attacks because so far, it can mine Monero, Monero Original and Dashcoin cryptocurrencies.

The researchers further revealed that this malware comes from the Rakhni family, which was discovered in 2013.


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