5 Marketing Automation Myths Debunked

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Education Feature

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By definition, marketing automation is a type of software platform the purpose of which is to help marketers improve the efficiency of their campaigns. The biggest advantage of marketing automation is that it saves you a lot of time by taking care of repetitive tasks. But, as this technology is still in its infancy, there’s a veil of mystery surrounding it. We’re now going to try to debunk some common myths about marketing automation.

Myth No.1: All Marketing Automation Tools are the Same

One recent survey found that 9 of 10 marketers aren’t satisfied with the effects gained through the use of marketing automation. The reason is simple – they’re not using the right tools for the job. The truth is that there are hundreds of different marketing automation tools out there, all promising wonders. So, the question is how are marketers supposed to choose the one that actually works? A good advice is to stick to the brands that have already proven their worth, like Smoove automation platform and others.

Those who believe that all marketing automation tools are the same are going to have a lot of trouble getting anything out of their marketing campaigns. In order to really help you out with promoting your product/service, the software needs to come with features like personalization, targeting, data analysis, and so on. These features are intended to do the hard work for you, enabling you to focus on other important stuff, while also reducing the chance of human error.

Myth No.2: Marketing Automation Software Does All the Work for You

It’s true that marketing automation tools can save you heck a lot of time, but this doesn’t mean you should lay back and relax. In order to ensure success of your marketing campaign, you need to get creative and start sending emails that actually have value for the recipient. Otherwise, your emails are gonna end up in Spam.

Myth No.3: Marketing Automation Equals Spam

There’s always a risk of getting flagged as a spammer if you’re using a marketing automation tool. The good news is that this is easily avoidable. Instead of sending generic emails which provide no useful information, you need to invest a little bit of your time in creating high-quality content. You also need to put some effort in tailoring messages to match the needs and preferences of your potential clients.

Myth No. 4: GDPR Will Put an End to Marketing Automation

The era of GDPR has officially started a few months ago, so everyone is still talking about it. Obviously, you need to worry about this as the new regulation is meant to prevent spammers from bothering people. So, don’t be a spammer! If you stick to the rules of the game, you have nothing to worry about!

Myth No.5: You Don’t Need Marketing Automation

The final myth is actually the biggest misconception marketers have. The online world is growing at an incredible rate, so the competition is getting harder each day. In order to succeed in the internet jungle, you need all the help you can get and a good marketing automation software seems like an essential part of the gear.

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