All You Need to Know about Essay Formats

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Education Feature

Impressive writing skills include knowledge of different types of essays that are used in academic writing. Knowing how to write effectively and how to find the most appropriate style and format of writing is critical in many spheres of work and life where writing is necessary. There are many types of essays, and all of them have various functions. Choosing the appropriate format and correct building structure of the essay play a critical role in completing high-quality writing.

To choose the correct format for writing, it is important to take into consideration a lot of writing basics. They include what the writer is willing to tell, who is his or her audience, what is the type of the assignment, what should be the level of this writing, and, of course, what is the topic. In this article, you’ll find a few writing essay tips with the help of which all your papers will rock.

One of the most popular and widely used types of writing is a persuasive essay. Its main goal is to convince somebody to adopt the position of the writer considering a specific issue, question, or topic. In this situation, the argument of the writer is the most important because he or she should present the opinion to make the reader accept it. That is why the writer must be aware of the audience and to analyze the possible ways to win their support. Therefore, you must have a clear point of view to maintain the interests of the readers, as well as to develop substantial evidence and cogent reasoning.

At the same time, the writer should not bore the reader with too many unnecessary points. Here, coming up with a good essay outline and following it should be a key to clear writing. Finally, it is a must to present a good conclusion where the main point is explained once again.

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Another type is analytical essay where the main goal of the author is to examine, interpret, and analyze certain things. In most cases, analytical essays are focused on the analysis of the poems, books, plays, various articles, or events. For this type of writing, the first task is to come up with the good conclusion to present an argument correctly. The reader should know what item will be discussed. Then, the writer needs to connect the main topic or issue of the paper to her or his argument. It would be a mistake to forget about the examples to support the argument. Also, you should provide a personal response that can show that you have a deeper understanding of the event or the book. It should not always be positive, but it should always be fair and clear. In the end, it is necessary to present a good conclusion and to highlight the connection between the analysis presented and the argument expressed.

One more type is an argumentative essay. Here, the main goal of the author is to prove that his or her argument is correct and to explain why it is better than others. Such format is quite similar to persuasive writing.

However, it is better to focus on arguing the position than on persuading somebody to understand the certain point of view. All arguments should be focused and clear. It is a mistake to make a question an argument; show all advantages and disadvantages of a discussed issue instead. To make all arguments stronger, conduct an in-depth analysis of the topic. You shouldn’t provide too much unnecessary information and details.  Finally, again, it is highly recommended to present a solid conclusion.

There is a wide range of other essays that are often required in colleges, schools, and universities. One of them is definition essay. In this work, the main task is to provide a clear and complete definition of something.

Another type is a descriptive essay. The main goal of such work is to describe something with as many elements as possible. Here, it is important to come up with a lot of sensory details. One more popular type is a compare and contrast essay. In this situation, the task is very clear; provide differences and similarities between two concepts, phenomena, ideas, works of art, books, or opinions.

Also, there are the critical essays, in which the writer has to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of something. Here, it is necessary to discuss the quality of something and to show if the original author has managed to present something successfully.

No matter what type of essay you need to write, each academic paper must follow a certain academic writing format. Be it the APA, Harvard, OSCOLA, Chicago, or MLA essay format, they all have their peculiarities. The differences lay in the title page, headings and subheading, footnotes, in-text citations, works cited page, page numbers, and some other details. These things are subtle but essential, and if you want your essay to score a high mark, you must follow those requirements. Usually, the choice of academic paper format depends upon the subject, and sometimes on the professor’s convenience.

To conclude, impressive writing skills involve an understanding of different types of essay formats that are used in academic writing. The ability to write effectively and to define which format is the key to success in many spheres of your life that presume writing. There are many formats of essays, and all of them have various goals for a reader and a writer. Consequently, selecting appropriate format and coming up with correct essay structure is a fundamental element of high-quality writing.

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