Everything That You Need to Know About Online Recertification

by | Jul 8, 2018 | Education Feature

Gaining first aid skills is an excellent trait to have at your disposal. The initial training and certification will teach you all that you need to know, and in the end you will be certified. Just as important as your initial training is your recertification. It is essential to maintaining your certification.

How Can You Recertify?

Recertification can take place in a classroom session that you attend in-person. Choosing this way will require you to complete every part of recertification in a classroom setting. Online is another option. This option has you complete learning sessions online, then go into a classroom setting to complete a hands-on test of skills. Either option will result in the same recertification once you have successfully completed the course. Once you recertify, you stay certified for an additional two years.

Is Online Recertification Just as Good?

Taking a recertification class online is many times the most convenient for busy people. It allows the freedom to complete the course when you are able, and in an environment that is more comfortable for most people. ACLS online recertification provides all of the training you gain in a classroom setting, with the convenience of completing course material in the comfort of your own home.

What Do I Need to Do Between Certifications?

Once you become certified, you never know how often you will need to use your skills. You hope that you never have to render first aid, but you may need to. Depending on the time between your certification and when you need to help someone in need, you may become rusty on your skills without doing refresher courses in between. Most people can tend to forget their skills if not used within the first few months of certification. There are a multitude of training materials that can be completed online between certifications. It is recommended that refresher materials be completed every three months or so.

What Do You Gain Being Certified?

On top of having the first aid skills needed to help someone in a time of distress, once you are certified you gain access to important information. There are some employers that require certification in order to gain employment. There are also some places that offer discounts or promotions for those that are certified. Once you gain certification, you are registered online and can access your information any time you choose. Your information includes all of your certifications and the ability to share or print them for proof of completion. You also receive an ID and QR code that can be given to employers or those places that offer discounts.

Having first aid skills could mean the difference between life and death. You never know when you will be faced with a situation that requires immediate medical attention. Gaining the skills in the first place is hard, but worth it if you ever need to use your skills. Always remember to brush up on your knowledge every few months and never fall behind on your recertifications. It would be a shame to let all of your knowledge go to waste by not keeping up on your skills.

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