How to Get The Best Mobile Deal

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Technology Featured

Mobile phones are the all singing all dancing friends that we simply can’t be without, so when the latest phone comes to market it is no surprise that everyone wants it. Which inevitably enables the multitude of companies to hike the price up for every poor individual willing to shell out a small fortune.

According to an article in the Guardian, roughly 74% of users can save money on their current mobile deals at an average of just under £200. While research from Citizens Advice has shown that mobile phone companies were offering recommended plans that were roughly 130% more expensive than needed for the majority of customers. Over the course of the average 24 month contract length this can amount to an overspend of over £300.

With mobiles phones now withstanding multiple drops, cracks and years of mistreatment the need to change phone every 2 years is not so necessary, however the lure of the latest improvements is enough to lure people into the newest models. If you are one of these people, here are some steps to take to avoid paying even more than you may do.

Upgrade Deals

When you come close to the end of your contract, you will inevitably be bombarded by texts, emails and potentially calls informing you of the possibility of upgrading before the end of your contract to ensure you have the best deal. And although we have all experienced the feeling of getting a great deal and signing a new contract, to see a better deal when walking down the street only the next day! These calls are more trying to play on your idea of missing out on the best deals, when in reality the majority of the best deals are available to those not already in a contract with a provider. These providers are constantly looking to ‘steal’ customers from their competitors which helps fuel the competition for great deals.

Buying Outright

The problem with many phones now is that the ability to pay upfront is out of reach for most people and they don’t have the ability to pay upfront. If that is where you find yourself, then be sure to spend time using a price comparison website. It can help take the hassle out of being convinced into a deal you don’t need by sales staff and spend the time from the comfort of your own home and help you avoid over paying on the wrong deal for you. Spokesman for price comparison site Money Pug enables you to breakdown the search and for your mobile into handset only, contract deals, and sim only options.

Going Sim Only

Still happy with your phone? Then simply change the sim! As our phones last longer and they maintain their ability to become a key part of our lives, its easy to become attached to your handset and loathe the idea of having to configure everything on to a new handset when your current one works perfectly.  These deals also give you a great idea of the potentially excessive added cost that you would be paying for a new handset with the same sim deal.

Keep your options open and you will quickly see the financial benefits of spending time searching for the best deal instead of just taking the word from your current provider who, spoiler alert, might just be hiding something from you. With new regulations and an openside to the market don’t be scared of looking through lesser known providers who are often able to offer much cheaper options due to fewer costs they have to incur.

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