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If you are thinking what should one visit in South Florida, the list is long. You should know that Florida is the only continental part of the U.S. that has the tropical climate. Juan Ponce de León (conquistador) discovered it and named it la Florida (‘the state of flowers’ in Spanish). This is the first place in the continental U.S. that the Europeans visited. Back in the day, it was a swampy area but the Europeans saw the great potential that the area had. Now, centuries later when you visit Florida, you are visiting the only state in the continental USA that has its own coral reef. The list of which places to visit in South Florida is extensively long.  So we will present some of the most important places when you come to Florida and stay, how knows?

Visit Saint Petersburg – it offers 365 days of sun

Paying a visit to South Florida is a huge task, you have so much to see. The fun that you can experience in Florida is almost the same length as its coastline. One city in Florida takes the award for the most consecutive days with sunshine-365 of days. The city’s name is Saint Petersburg. The Sunshine city (as they named it) lays at the Gulf of Mexico which provides the city long white beaches and warm weather. Average daily temperature is 70.7 °F and climate of Florida attracts more and more tourists every year.  Once visiting South Florida, tourists can check out the remarkable museum, Salvador Dali Museum. If you are interested in the artwork of Spanish surrealist, you will be happy to know the museum treasures. The art collection goes from his paintings, sculptures, and artwork.

If you are into art, this is a great choice for you to make a visit to South Florida. You can also practice yoga or enroll your children into Junior Docent Art Camp. If the museum of a painter is not enough, there is a museum of a writer, Ernest Hemingway. The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum is in Key West and the expected duration of the visit is 3 hours.  If you decide to explore some more of South Florida, 7 miles of waterfront parks are waiting for you.

Orlando, the Theme Park Capital of the World that you must visit in South Florida

If you consider moving to Florida with children, Orlando is a perfect choice. Children are going to love it. With the Disney World Resort, the kids can check some of the Hollywood Studios and have a fun of their life. Taking pictures and organizing trips will be all that they would like to do the whole day. That is going to be possible with four theme parks and two water parks that the resort has. You can take some of the golf courses for yourself. Only in 2016, Orlando drew more than 68 million people. The 6th most visited park in the United States is the Universal Studios Florida. Kids can enjoy the park design of New York, San Francisco or enter the Diagon Alley. So, it comes as no surprise that Florida set the record in tourism of 116.5m visits.

You can have so much fun in Orlando! Alt. Disney World Theme Park.

On the weekends you can go fishing and kayaking at the Deerfield Beach. Camping and surfing are just some of the tips for adventurous summer trip when visiting Florida. You should plan it well in advance and organize your finance, you need to know how to save money while traveling. Besides theme parks, Orlando is home to the largest university campus in the country. Once you add that the state of Florida does not have the income tax, maybe you should start making plans. Plans to move to Florida or start your business here. Speaking about business, the busiest port in the United States is the spot. Miami is not famous only for great nightlife but for many big corporations.

Visit South Florida and check its financial powerhouse-Miami

Miami is the city that you must visit in Florida. Known for its nightlife, the city must have a place on our list. It has the largest community of Latin America in the U.S. The influence is especially in food and culture. The city of Miami is the only city in the U.S. that has official coffee time. At 3:05 pm, the fun starts, and the city stops for a cafecito time. You can hang out with your friends and listen to Gloria Estefan’s Conga. Or Enrique Iglesias, as you wish. Miamians have that laid-back attitude and they know how to enjoy life.

The Capital of Latin America has people from all over the world, Cuba, Honduras, and Nicaragua are among those countries. Different festivals and carnivals such as Calle Ocho will change the way you think about vacation.

Visit Florida, and enjoy its festivals! Alt. Festival in Florida.

Career opportunities – yes!

The people that live in Miami mostly speak at least two languages, one of them is Spanish of course. That is why the career options in Miami are bigger than in any other city in Florida. Number 1 employer is the Miami Dade Public Schools.

Come to South Florida and enjoy the sun. alt. Palms and beach.

Moving to Florida

Having said all of the above,  perhaps you should consider moving to South Florida. Florida is a great place to visit and enjoy the sunny weather, but there is more than that. Once again, the state doesn’t have the income tax and it is a great place not only for visiting but for living as well. We believe that we have mentioned just a peak of the best places to visit in Florida. The rest is for you to see and explore.

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