Things to Consider Before Buying a Hoverboard  

by | Jul 14, 2018 | Technology Featured

With so much hype surrounding hoverboards, it’s little wonder that these ingenious designs are the most in-demand products when it comes to the tech industry.

Yet, with many of these possessing a hefty price tag, it makes sense to ensure that your hoverboard purchase is the right one for you.

The best way to do this is by doing a little bit of prep work before you part with your money.  

What Will You Use a Hoverboard For?

It may seem a strange question, considering that hoverboards are designed to help you move around, but most hoverboard users have a specific use in mind when deciding to purchase their own product:

  • Commuting: With many students and workers taking to hoverboards to beat the crowds, public transport and even monotony of daily commutes, you may want to replace your current method of regular travel with a hoverboard.
  • Fitness: Though not always immediately associated with fitness, a hoverboard can keep you active as, not only does it encourage you to get out and about and hit a park or new route, but it also demands you use those lower body muscles at the same time!
  • Fun: Perhaps you don’t intend to use your hoverboard on a regular basis, preferring something that you can just use on specific occasions or whenever the mood takes you.

Whatever your preference, how and when you intend to use your hoverboard will make a difference regarding the specifications of what you search for.  You may even decide that you want it to be a multipurpose purchase and use it for all three reasons combined!

A huge factor in encouraging research before purchasing, with hoverboards especially, is because of the possible limitations in the places and areas where you intend to ride your product.

You may want to ensure that the area you plan to use your hoverboard in allows such usage. For example, in the UK there are now in place stringent laws, forbidding hoverboards to ride on pavements and public roads.

What Features Do You Want from Your Hoverboard?

Before you head straight into purchasing the first board that you see, it’s advisable, as with all technological products, to undertake a bit of research on the product beforehand.

Try searching online for personal and professional reviews, such as a PBX hoverboard review. This way, you arm yourself with essential details prior.  

When you do begin your hoverboard search, you’ll feel overwhelmed by the considerable variety on offer! Added to this there are many features which you may have to select over the other including:

  • The size of the board
  • Its wheel size and style
  • The overall design
  • Any weight limits
  • Manufacturer
  • Costs
  • Speed potential – both minimum and maximum
  • What the power capacity is
  • Whether a warranty is attached
  • Battery charge – how long it takes to charge/and how long it will run on this charge before it needs to be placed on charge again
  • The overall quality of the board
  • Whether any additional features are included – some boards come complete with Bluetooth connectivity and speakers.

The Advantages of Owning a Hoverboard

When you are ready to make that final selection, you may also want to take note of several reasons why your final purchase will have several other advantages attached through your hoverboard choice:


  • Hoverboards are environmentally friendly


With fuel prices at an all-time high, alongside increased demand, you may find yourself saving much more money than before by regularly using a hoverboard to get you to and from many destinations!

Ultimately, less fuel consumed equals a better and healthier choice for the environment.


  • Hoverboards are compact and portable


Because of their compact design, hoverboards are easy to carry and therefore take with you to many places. This is mainly a great idea if you travel by tram or train and want to take your hoverboard to use for the rest of the journey.

This minimalist design also allows you to store your hoverboard easily both when at home and when out and about.


  • Hoverboards can be a social activity


Besides getting you out and about, friends and other family members can all use their hoverboards together, encouraging better social connections alongside many hours of fun!


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