Top 10 Free Website Builders for Beginners

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Technology Featured

Surviving in the current scenario without the digital presence is almost next to impossible. The need has suddenly invited a lot of top website builders with impressive offerings for a powerful website. Not only it can help in crafting a website but have extended their offerings to the blog site, social media integration, e-commerce store solutions, and many more.

Well, the good news is, in digital era, it’s not restrained to “survival of the fittest” so even if you are a beginner and thinking about what is the best website builder, here is the list of the few powerful and free website builders for beginners that can help you in comprehending powerful website without spending to what seems like a fortune.

Following are the top 10 free website builders for beginners:


One of the many reasons that make WordPress still a favourite for website building for beginners is its scalability and flexibility with the easy-know-how to work upon this platform is famed for its wide variety of designed templates, along with unpaid offerings like SEO tools, free analytics, and several other plug-ins that make it quite easy to work upon by novices. Its easy technical functioning has led it to be the top-notch platform for website building in the digital world.


Some of the benefactors of this free website builder for beginners include the handy drag and drop feature, the myriad of website layouts and templates, designed by professionals and hence are highly responsive and possess absolute ace. So if you are starting from a scratch or looking for an astute makeover for your website, choose IM creator.


What if we tell you that there is a sure shot way to even encompass your business website within a few minutes as a beginner? From the very beginning of free hosting and website domain registration to enhancing the site visibility with impressive layouts and templates that can easily be customized at any given time, to the aid of several SEO tools, unrivaled CRM solutions and more, SiteBuilder offers a comprehensive package as the leading website builder for beginners.

  1. WEBS

What makes one of the best website builders for beginners is its offering as the unmatched level of SEO functionality. The whole development in adherence to all the set parameters of SEO, you small website is all optimized with the algorithms of the search engine to help in directing more traffic to the website. With the impressive themes, you can also enjoy the benefactors of free web hosting, domain registration and enticing graphics that can be twirled any way around.

  1. DUDA:

Some of the many reasons Duda is suggestible as the best free website builder for beginners are its clear interface with unpaid site building option along with offerings like social media integration, stern analysis of traffic on the website, powerful mobile building site and many more. So if you are seeking for the one-step solution for your site functioning on mobile devices, Duda offers the comprehensive features to manifest the same. It offers you with everything you need as the novice and even as a tech-expert for a graded website with powerful eCommerce solutions.

  1. JIMDO:

The website building is often associated with professional know-how, but what ascend the site engagement is the artistic and relevant flair used in commissioning the website and if you are seeking a platform for website building with both professional features and creative artistry, Jimdo is your solution.

The platform has already gained its popularity all over the world owing to its features like multi-lingual support, impressive templates and layouts with the extensive ranges of editors, the convenience top tweak CSS sources and many more. It is quite famed amongst the small-scale industries looking for expanding their foot in the digital market with unrivaled e-commerce solutions.

  1. WIX

The many reasons of the popularity of the WIX as the free website builder for beginners are, the unpaid design templates to choose from that are extensive in number, the interface which is quite easy to use, the drag and the drop feature and many more. With Wix as your platform, the whole process of website building is relatively speedy and painless.

  1. SITE123

For a neotype, nothing could be as blissful as the user-friendly website builder for impressive website solutions. So being a novice, if you too are looking for something like that, Site123 is your answer. Choosing a template, editing it and later publishing it in the digital framework and your work summons up, quite easy, isn’t it? The flexibility and the complete ease are some of the benefactors of choosing Site 123 as the leading website builder by a beginner. The graded SEO ratings, the scalability as per different screen resolutions, the myriad of web pages and the integration of blog to the Site123 website are some other reasons to choose it for website building.

  1. YOLA:

For a beginner, the name of the website is a common lingo of the digital world that “You only live once”, so why waste it over technical complexity? Choose yola for your website building which is relatively inexpensive and provides with complete user-friendly experience. It is quite handy to work upon and also consist of several site widgets.


Some of the many reasons, Weebly is popular as the leading free website builder for beginners are its intuitive interface, impressively designed themes, with unpaid account login and absolute commerce solutions along with extensive customization and auto-savior of all the editing on sites and many more. It is one of the easy-to-use platforms for website building for novices looking for comprehensive website builders. Whether you want to create a responsive and attractive business website or blog site or a powerful e-commerce store, with Weebly get assured to cover everything.

So these are some of the most suggestible and graded functional website building tools that can help the beginners to build a powerful website with easy access features that can help during and beyond the whole process of website building.

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