Why Students like to Play Video Games

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Education Feature

Nowadays, video games are far from the last place in the life of most children. However, what will bring a child’s interest in computer games: harm or benefit? Do video games promote the development of intelligence or threaten the emergence of gambling. Nowadays, that question is especially controversial as the computers become the essential thing of the life. Have you ever heard about such a phenomenon as “cybersport”? Perhaps, it is the future of our children. Below we have submitted the information that, to some extent, can improve your knowledge about video games and change your mind regarding that issue. You can spend your free time playing games instead of learning. If you want to play video games find out how to end a term paper and enjoy the game.

It does not matter who you are: a top manager or young student, an adventurous traveler or an exemplary family man. Everyone can find something to their liking. Combining work, personal life and games are not only simple but also fun.

What do parents think about games?

Many parents are sure that video games hurt children. But how exactly a child’s passion for free online games can be hurt? A big role is played by the plot video game, which the child was carried away. It is easy to guess that violent video games, which abound in violence, obscene scenes of a sexual nature, profanity, etc., will have a negative impact on the child’s psyche. Of course, there can be no question of the development of intelligence in this case. Children playing such video games often have episodes of unreasonable, aggressive behavior, as well as vegetative-vascular dysfunction, manifested by sleep disorders, palpitations, dizziness.

If the student is fond of completely harmless video games, but at the same time holds a console or computer for 5-8 or more hours per day, it will get much more harm than good of course. Those who sit for days at a computer, “fall out” of social life, completely immersed in the virtual world of video games. In such a case, we can already talk about such a serious problem as gambling or dependence on computer games. With gambling, children prefer video games to any other activity, including communication with peers, which leads to social isolation and authentification.

If we talk about the harm to physical health, which can bring an excessive hobby for video games, first of all, it is worth noting the visual impairment (decreased visual acuity, the appearance of dry eye syndrome) and obesity. Students are sitting on video games for hours. It replaces street walks and moving games to them, and they usually suffer from hypodynamia and overweight.

What are the benefits of video games?

Is there any use for video games? Of course, there is a benefit. Currently, there is a lot of not only entertaining but educational video games. In general, video games can have a beneficial effect on the cognitive functions of the child’s brain and its social activity. And it promotes the development of intelligence under certain conditions. Many video games teach the student to follow the instructions because to complete a mission successfully, you must fulfill certain conditions. The child has to solve set tasks, apply new skills and combine them with those already available. Many video games teach children strategic thinking, the ability to manage resources, assess the situation and consequences, quickly make decisions. Also, video games allow them to practice reading and computation. In addition, many video games teach multitasking. It is worth noting that video games improve fine motor skills, visual-motor coordination, and spatial perception. Also, video games can help develop the horizon and act as a type of social activity. So, many computer games contain a considerable amount of information from various fields of science (history, biology, culture, etc.). In addition, many students like to play with friends or parents. In this case, video games can require interaction between team members, joint actions of players, partnership.

With the use of modern gaming technology, it is important to follow the rule from the very beginning: to benefit and to know the measure. Unfortunately, there are moments when a great addiction to gaming leads to the harmful consequences. It goes without saying that parents should control their children and do not let the games substitute hobbies and friends. A person at any age must understand that, unlike the computer world, in the real world. Therefore, a hobby for computer games should be the first stage of something more.

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